22 FEB
Now I know times are tight when stealing nuts have become big business.

 An article came out the other day about thieves stealing nuts from farmers in California. Armed assailants robbing field workers and employees of their nuts in the middle of the day. There have been tractor trailer loads of nuts stolen right out from under the farmers, sometimes at gunpoint. At $7 per pound and a typical truckload containing 21 tons, that would be roughly $300,000. It seems to be mainly almonds, walnuts and pistachios. I can see the value but who are these thieves selling these stolen nuts to?

As if the farmers don't have enough to worry about now with the droughts, bugs and fires. Now they have to worry about someone stealing their entire crop! A couple nights of theft could be all it takes.

Stolen nuts have become such a problem in California that they have formed a new task force to fight against it. They're telling the farmers how to prevent more robberies. Telling them how to not leave the keys in their trucks or to make it harder for the thieves by installing video cameras and lights. Many of the farmers have started carrying firearms to protect themselves and what's theirs.

I guess it's the age we live in now. The value of human life doesn't seem to be what it used to be and that's nuts!




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