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My Noni's White Chocolate Cashew Toffee
Price: $12.99

Crunchy, roasted cashews are perfectly blended in our buttery toffee. Gourmet white chocolate is melted over the toffee then generously sprinkled with more delicious cashews. It's no wonder this original recipe is our top seller. 9 oz.

  • Order chocolates at your own risk! We will not replace or give refunds due to melted chocolate. While 99% of the chocolates will arrive perfectly fine, there is still a slight chance that some melting may occur during shipping in the hotter months.

  • We will be using a cool barrier bubble wrap inside the box along with an ice pack. This gives the chocolate the best chance arriving un-melted.

  • Please make sure the package is shipped where somone can receive it quickly, so as not to sit in a hot mail box or in the sun on a porch.

  • We will not ship chocolate on weekends.

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