6 Month Nut Club
Price: $42.00
1st Month Nuts:
2nd Month Nuts:
3rd Month Nuts:
4th Month Nuts:
5th Month Nuts:
6th Month Nuts:

Shipping & handling: $7.00 per month x 6 = $42.00 + cost of nuts = Total

Choose the flavors you want and one flavor will be sent every month for the plan you choose. The nuts may or may not arrive the same time every month. It can vary up to 10 business days depending on stock, weather, holidays and weekends. At checkout you can write a message that will be sent with the first shipment. If the order is sent as a gift, then the person will also receive a message from Try My Nuts letting them know that the sender entered them into the club. Shipping charges are included for all months in the total price. Any free shipping promotions do not apply to Nut of the Month Clubs. Month Clubs can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states and to the Disctrict of Columbia. This excludes the states of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
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