Blue Crab Bay 3 Pack Nuts
Price: $27.99

Includes Crab House Crunch, Sea Salt Peanuts and Barnacles. Packaged in a Try My Nuts three pack box.

Barnacles Ingredients: Seasoned Peanuts [peanuts, canola, peanut and/or soybean oil, salt, mustard, red pepper, celery, paprika, black pepper, herbs, and spices], Pretzel Balls [sfot red winter wheat flour, salt, sunflower or canola or rice oil, corn syrup, malt syrup, yeast], Oat Bran Sticks [unbleached dwheat flour, (malted barley flour added as a rpeservative), soybean oil, sesame seeds, oat bran, bulgur wheat, salt, beet powder (color), turmeric (color)], Cheddar Whales & Guppies [enriched wheat flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), safflower oil, cheddar cheese [(milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), whey, buttermilk solids, salt, sodium phosphate, lactic acid], partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening (contains soybean and/or cottonseed oil), salt, paprika, malt syrup, yeast, baking soda, red pepper], Garlic Bagel Chips [wheat flour, palm oil, salt, garlic powder, sugar, oat fiber, vinegar, yeast, malted barley flour, beta carotene (color), soy lecithin], Roasted Pumpkin Seeds [pumpkin seeds, peanut oil, salt].

Crab House Crunch Ingredients: Peanuts, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Salt, Mustard, Red Pepper, Celery, Paprika, Black Pepper, Herbs, and Spices

Sea Salt Peanuts Ingredients: Peanuts, Peanut and/or Canola Oil, Sea Salt

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