Blair's Pure Death with Jolokia Hot Sauce
Price: $7.99
Orange Habañero Chili Pods, Jolokia Chili Pods, Vinegar and Baked Hawaiian Red Salt... That is it... PURE, Clean. Use it on everything... The heat is balanced, not piercing, just perfect... On our heat scale Blairs Pure Death is much hotter than Original Death but not as piercing as the After Death Level and contains no extracts. It is crisp and clean... Natural bright orange and so fresh... Enjoy!
Use this pure, hot death sauce for hot wings, clams, oysters, crawfish, to spice up your chilli, bloody marys, jambalaya, or ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!
Ingredients: Habañero Chili Pods, Naga Jolokia, Vinegar, and Hawaiian Red Salt.
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