3 Ingeniously Nutty Things You Can Do With Corporate Gifts

3 Ingeniously Nutty Things You Can Do With Corporate Gifts

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What can we say about corporate gifts? Well, let’s be honest. More often than not, corporate gifts are boring and forgettable. Sometimes you buy gifts because you want to show someone that you care. At other times, you buy gifts because Cheryl already bought a gift and you don’t want to look bad in front of your boss again. Corporate gifts, obviously, fall into that second category. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make those gifts fun for yourself, and here at Try My Nuts, we’ve got a few ideas. 


1. Class Up Your Corporate Gifts 

What, you didn’t think that a company called “Try My Nuts” could be classy? Please. You bet your nuts we can be classy. Not everybody works in an “open office plan” kind of environment where people sit in bean bag chairs and take turns “exchanging ideas” over kombucha every Friday. That’s fine. Nobody actually likes open office plans, anyway. 


Now, when it comes to corporate gifts, we’re obviously going to suggest nuts. It’s kind of our thing. And why not? Nuts are simple, hassle-free, and tasty. That’s all you really need in a gift. But what makes all the difference is how you present your nuts. Throw your nuts in a bucket and you’ve got a great plan for a casual setting, but not so much for a starchy office. 


If you always wear a tie or a pantsuit to work, then we suggest putting your nuts into a nice, shiny tin. It can be a singular tin of nuts, or it can be a nut three-way, but as long as you’ve put those nuts into a tin, you’ve got a recipe for class and respectability. Even better, you can have the company logo or a customized message printed on your nut tin. 


Speaking of customization, you can always take the customized nut basket route. Say what you want, but a nut basket is just as classy as anything else. And as an added bonus, the recipient of your nut basket can keep using the basket for pens, paperclips, and other office supplies. 


By the way, we do offer snacks other than nuts that make great corporate gifts. However, if you’re keeping things classy, maybe don’t tell the recipient that they’re technically eating something called “dirty white trash.” To be clear, you should still give dirty white trash because it’s delicious, but, you know, keep the name to yourself in this particular setting. 


Now, what if you don’t work in a stuffy setting? What if your boss is younger than you and his name is Tod? Well, then you don’t necessarily have to keep it classy. In fact, you might…


2. Do The Exact Opposite Of That 

Now, some people can swing in the exact opposite direction, and we’re always in favor of that. If you work with people who have a sense of humor, then Try My Nuts is your best source for corporate gifts, and you’ve definitely got no shortage of options here. We already mentioned that we offer a snack called dirty white trash. You can also fill up a basket with butt munch barbecue peanuts. Want to show your cubicle buddy how much you care? Then show them with a stack of Dee’s Nuts. If you want something other than nuts but still want to take your gifts in a unique direction, you can’t go wrong with exotic animal jerky. Not even Cheryl would come up with something like that, which means that for once in your life, your boss is going to remember your gift. 


3. Be Your Own Corporate Gift Giver 

A lot of us are working from home these days. If you’ve been working from home, too, that means that you are your own coworker, and sometimes, coworkers give each other corporate gifts. Obviously, you deserve a gift, and there’s really no better choice than a basket of nuts. Unlike that 48-pack of sour lollipops you ordered last week, nuts are nutritious, and you can feel good about having them at your desk. A handful of nutty nutrition in between work sessions can help you power through the day. 
Or get that new tiny intern to help
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Plus, when you’re buying gifts for yourself, you’ve got a great chance to embrace that “who cares?” attitude that a lot of people have picked up. You know the one. Remember your first video meeting when you wore a button-down shirt? Well, now they’re lucky if they see you in your best pair of sweats, and you probably didn’t even bother to get rid of all of those used lollipop sticks before you logged into that last meeting. Look, we get it, but what we’re saying is that there’s nothing stopping you from using those corporate gifts to say how you really feel. Do you feel like you’re going nucking futz? Well, get a bumper sticker that says so. Need a little bit of extra help to get out of bed lately? Nobody’s frowning on the Wake Your Ass Up coffee you just bought. Need more boxers because they’re your work uniform now? Well, guess what? We have those, too. 


Hey, you can even break up the work from home boredom with some challenges. Use the Toe of Satan challenge to settle arguments with your significant other. You can’t blame things on Cheryl anymore, anyway, so you might as well get creative. Winner doesn’t have to load the dishwasher! 


Corporate Gifts With Try My Nuts 

Now, we’ve always been fans of humor and lightheartedness. It’s been a part of our business from day one. Whether we’re talking about gifts or general snacking, we hope that our strange humor has brought a smile to your face. On a more serious note, though, we want to express how grateful we are to our customers. Our physical locations may be closed, but we’re still shipping products, and we’re doing it with utmost care and attention to safety. We appreciate you choosing us for corporate gifts. Take a look at some of these nutty gift options and see w
hat we have to offer.

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