5 Reasons Why Nuts Make Great Corporate Gifts

5 Reasons Why Nuts Make Great Corporate Gifts

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay 
So you’re in need of some corporate gifts. What’s the plan? It’s important to avoid getting the wrong gift. There’s a delicate balance to strike here. Corporate gifts should be just personal enough to say “I appreciate you and/or would like for you to give me a raise.” There’s a very narrow range of gifts that send the right message without coming across as either creepy or uncaring. Obviously, you’ve got a stressful situation on your hands, and the only way to get rid of that stress is to hurry up and buy the gift already. 


Now it’s time to get started, so where should you begin? Well, you could spend weeks figuring out all of the recipient’s hobbies and interests, or you could make things easier on yourself and just find out whether or not they’re allergic to nuts. Because if they’re not, that’s all you need to know to send the perfect gift. (And if they are, well, more nuts for you.) 


Nuts make great office gifts. Here are five reasons why nuts are a staple in corporate gift giving. 


1. No Muss, No Fuss, Just Lots Of Nuts 

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you suck at gift-giving? We can sympathize. Look, gift-giving is hard enough when it comes to your own family members. You could know a person better than you know yourself until it’s time to give them a gift, and then what happens? You find yourself forgetting your own cousin’s first name, let alone what they might like for a gift. There’s just something about buying gifts that makes even the smartest people struggle. 


Granted, some people are great at giving gifts, and these people are generally irritating. Still, even for these people, corporate gifts are hard. That’s why you might as well get a basket of nuts to simplify things. There are just some things that everyone enjoys. Try finding someone who doesn’t like nuts. We dare you. When you give the gift of nuts, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the recipient will enjoy their gift. 


Plus, when you order nuts, there’s almost no other prep work on your part. We’ll do the work for you instead. We’ve already got the nuts. All you have to do is hand your coworker a basket of delicious snacks. Problem solved. 


2. Simple, Festive, Or Fun 

Looking for a good reason to customize your nuts? Do you think that your boss’s nuts should be fancy? Or do you want to take the simple route? In any case, our nuts have you covered. Dress them up, dress them down, nuts don’t care. There are nuts for every taste, and you can serve them up in any way that works. Display your nuts in some plastic candy canes, or come to the office with an armful of nut buckets. If you ask us, nothing makes an office more festive than a good, old-fashioned nut bucket. 


The versatility is exactly what you need for office gift giving. The thing about corporate gifts is that all offices have their own dynamic, and you want your gifts to work with that dynamic. Some offices are casual, like the kind that are run by a guy in a v-neck shirt who wears hipster glasses and wants you to call him Tod. Hey, Tod would appreciate a happy nut bucket. He’ll probably hold on to his nut bucket while he works from his bean bag chair. Maybe he’ll even pass his nut bucket around so that everyone in the open office floor plan can taste those nuts. That’s the kind of relationship Tod has with his employees, man. It’s cool. We’re very casual around here. 


Then there are offices that are so pleated and uptight that even the paperwork has paperwork. What if your office isn’t run by a Tod? In that case, you can still give nuts as corporate gifts, but maybe hold back on the puns. The point is that you’ve got options. Go nuts. 


3. The Most Versatile Corporate Gifts 

Hey, speaking of nut options, you can also give nuts as corporate gifts for any occasion: holidays, birthdays, apologies for hilarious yet ill-timed office pranks, whatever. You can’t go wrong with a nut basket. Nuts aren’t seasonal, so they can work for any occasion other than the Peanut Allergy
Support Group dance. They’re available no matter the weather, so all you need is a well-placed balloon, and you’re good to go. 


4. The Three-Way That HR Won’t Mind 

What’s better than one type of nut? You guessed it: three types of nuts. If you can’t decide on just one nut, you might as well have three, so go ahead and get that three-way gift tin. Choose three types of nuts and have fun. It’s the one kind of three-way that you can bring into the office without having to attend a lot of uncomfortable workshops afterward. 


5. It’s The Gift That Never Stops 

What if just one gift isn’t good enough? In that case, what you’re looking for is the Nut of the Month Club. It’s the gift that never stops! Okay, fine. Technically, it stops in a year. Or a few months, depending on the nut package you want to give to your boss, but the point is that corporate gifts don’t have to be a one-time thing when nuts are involved. For the boss that has everything, a subscription to the nut of the month club is the best gift of all. Give the gift of spicy nuts, sweet nuts, or salty nuts. Whatever kind of nuts your boss is into, we’ve probably got them in stock. 


If You Need Corporate Gifts, Try My Nuts 

If you’re looking for corporate gifts, then it’s hard to go wrong with nuts. Stop giving gifts that your coworkers only pretend to like. Instead, give the gift of flavorful variety. Take a look at your corporate gift choices today to find the perfect nuts for your coworkers. Let them know that it’s never a bad time to Try My Nuts.

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