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Is Try My Nuts Too Nutty?

No news is good news. And then there's good news. And funny news.

Is Try My Nuts too nutty? Recently, Kitty Alvarado and her team from KMIR TV News in Palm Desert, California decided it was time to investigate the buzz about Try My Nuts on El Paseo Drive. What they found may surprise you. 

Apparently, a local elderly resident was surprised by some of the products in his local Try My Nuts store. He complained to the TV news team and asked them to find out what commercial regulation or public law the store was most certainly violating (in his viewpoint) with these products. 

So, the news team took on the challenge. They visited the store and found out just what the gentleman was talking about. Scattered amidst the array of delicious candies and assorted nut products for which Try My Nuts is famous, they did in fact find an occasional product whose label raised an eyebrow. 

When KMIR asked Try My Nuts storeowner Adam Cintas about some of the product labels with double meanings, Cintas commented, "It's just a play on words." He also mentioned that he had never received that type of complaint before. "That's the most interesting part about this," Cintas said. "People [are] taken by the terms but they also enjoy it as well."

Designed to poke a little fun, the edgy labels don't seem to deter people from loving the products and becoming big fans of the store. One customer there on the day KMIR investigated was Chicago resident Carol Levi. "I'm not offended, no," Levi said. "I thought [the complaint] was silly. . . At worse, [it's] a little off color but I'm sure it's, you know, in a light sense." Levi actually took a selfie at the store to send to her children because, as Levi explained, she knew that "they would find it funny."  

KMIR asked nearby shopkeepers what they thought about the store. Cactus Flower shoe store owner Carey Woods said the owners of Try My Nuts "are kind, hardworking people" and that she likes the store. "It's a great business. People stop all the time to go in there. If anything, it gives us good traffic. The food is good, they have been great neighbors and they have a viable business," Woods commented.

So, KMIR talked to Ryan Stendell with the city. Stendell stated that there were no violations of city code, commenting instead, "This business like any business is regulated by the First Amendment." Although, Stendell admitted that the state does have laws on the books related to obscenities, the city determined that the edgy labeling "did not rise to [that] level under state law." Noting that it was the only complaint they had ever received about the business, Stendell stated, "This doesn't trigger any obscenity issues [and] doesn't trigger any level of compliance review that requires that warning to be implemented." 

So, what's the final verdict? It's okay to be a bit of a comedian. In fact, in a world full of serious and even heart-breaking news stories, people seem to like a little comic relief.

That seems to be the case on El Paseo Drive and elsewhere across the country where Try My Nuts fans new and old enjoy a variety of delicious products, each with their own great taste, plus a little good-natured poor taste thrown in now and then just for fun.

Thanks KMIR!

And now, what do you think? Do you like having a little fun? LET US KNOW!

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