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Make a Pistachio Wreath for the Holidays

Posted by on 11/17/2017 to Nutty News

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's time to spruce up your door to receive friends and family for holiday fun. Here is another craft idea with nutshells!

Last time, we learned how to make a lotus flower out of pistachio nut shells. This time, we take this skill to a whole new level by combining multiple lotus flowers together in a wreath. Just sparkle paint and hang on your door, and add an embellishment like the one in the picture if you wish. 

Step 1

Get your pistachios -- about 4 lbs -- at
(Super colossal are best.)

Step 2

Gather together a 10" - 14" straw wreath and some fun, sparkly spray paint. 

Step 3

Get out your glue gun and shell your pistachios (about 4 lbs). Reserve your pistachios in a tightly sealed container to share with friends and family at Thanksgiving. (You might have to munch a few to fuel your creative process, or ... maybe a lot of them!)

Step 4

Let the creating begin! Glue each Super Colossal Pistachio shell on the wreath one at a time to create individual flowers. Nestle the flowers close to each other and glue all the pieces well.

Step 5

When you have filled the whole wreath frame with flowers and the glue has dried, you are now ready for the finishing touches. To paint your wreath, simply spray it with silver or gold, or use one or more colors to create nuances. There is no wrong way to do it. (Just enjoy the process OBX style!) Add a ribbon or even a monogram letter (available at most craft stores) for a winning touch. 

Send me a picture of your creation, okay? I would love to see what you can do with our Super Colossal Pistachios! 

Have a great Thanksgiving and don't forget to share your nuts with a loved one!

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