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The Source Pepper Extract

The Source Pepper Extract

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The Source Extract is not ridiculously hot. Nor is it insanely hot. It is BOTTLED NAPALM hot! It starts off fairly tame… for about half a second. You then begin to feel like your tongue has been pierced. Next it really gets bad, you inhale a gasp of air and the agony sticks itself to the back of your throat! The next 5 to 30 minutes (yes up to 30 minutes of hell!) will need to be spent with your head under the tap or chugging gallons of milk. Now that you’ve endured, or not, it’s your friend or brother or unsuspecting victim’s turn. There are over seven million scoville units in a single drop (by the way, a habanero hot pepper is seventy times less). Imagine how many drops are in the one ounce bottle The Source comes in. For those who are novice hot sauce testers, a scoville unit is the measurement of spicy heat, first determined by an American chemist. Pepper spray for law enforcement, for example, is LESS in scoville units than The Source (check out how they compare with the scoville heat chart). A one-ounce bottle of this stuff is enough to ignite one hundred servings of piping hot chili. Therefore, more than one drop per portion is NOT recommended. Neither is ingesting The Source on its own. Do not take even a little taste on your wet tongue (you know you want to). Just don’t. Really. Don’t. Touted as the “closest thing to bottling Chuck Norris” it’s no wonder people are footing the bill to buy The Source. It does not come cheap but it is worth it in red spades. The Source Hot Sauce will turn all unsuspecting men in to girls and all unsuspecting girls in to men. Guaranteed!

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