All Nuts Are Beautiful

All Nuts Are Beautiful

Image by Rabbixel from Pixabay 
As your go-to nut store, we’re here to address a very serious problem within the snacking community: nut shaming. Here at Try My Nuts, we think that all nuts are beautiful and that you should never be self-conscious about the shape or size of your nuts. As a matter of fact, we sell nuts of all shapes and sizes, and we’ve found that variety is what makes life special. 


Do Your Nuts Have Curves? 

Truly, few things in this life are better than a curvy nut. Consider the cashew, for example, in all of its delicious curviness. Have you ever had a chocolate-covered cashew? A salted cashew? Have you ever just enjoyed the lightly sweet flavor of a cashew on its own? Any nut store worth its nuts is going to have plenty of cashews available. In this business, we appreciate a good curve. A cashew’s curves only add to the snacking experience. When you put one of these nuts in your mouth, the distinct shape delivers the flavor to different parts of your mouth. 


Are Your Nuts Different Sizes? 

This nut store appreciates more than different shapes. We love nuts of different sizes, too. If you’re working with nuts of different sizes, that’s okay! In fact, it’s great! As a matter of fact, we’re all about some mixed nuts over here. Is an almond the same size as a peanut? Of course not! But a tin of mixed nuts just wouldn’t be the same without both of them, you know? If your nuts are different sizes, rest assured that they’re still delicious. Embrace that knowledge. 


Do Your Nuts Run Hot? 

Nuts can get pretty hot sometimes. At our nut store, for example, we’ve got all kinds of hot nuts. There’s all sorts of variety, from the mildly spicy to the kind of heat that requires a warning label. There’s something for everyone, no matter how spicy you like your nuts. Hey, some nuts run cool, too, and that’s great. Hot nuts and cool nuts are the perfect partners, if you ask us. Have you ever followed up a hot nut with a chocolate-covered nut? Chocolate cools the heat, making these two crazy nuts an excellent combination. 


Nut Store 

Looking for some love from your nut store? Here at Try My Nuts, we’ll always appreciate nuts of all shapes and sizes. If you feel the same way, take a look at all of the beautiful nuts on our website. There’s a nut out there for everybody. Ready to find yours?

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