All the Best in Delicious Gift-Giving

All the Best in Delicious Gift-Giving


They were the worst of nuts; they were the best of nuts. They were drugstore nuts; they were Try My Nuts.


So you don’t know what to give a friend? A coworker? The boss?


You are nut alone. Some people are difficult to buy for. It’s a universal problem, trying to figure out what someone else likes, what they can use, what they won’t re-gift. After all, you are buying for them, not their friends, right? 


Perhaps we can help. 


Make a list of things that are important to that person. Does that person like horses? Antique furniture? Classic cars? Sorry, we can’t help with that. We can, however, help with munchies. And not just any munchies, but the kind you remember long after the last nibble is gone. The kind that makes you want to take the box and hide it under your shirt, sneak into the closet, and eat the whole thing. 


Who says you can’t find that kind of gift? You can here at Try My Nuts. Here are a few of the no-fail selections:

A Taste of Gourmet Gift Basket

For the fancy-schmancy snacker on your list, when only the best will do, the Taste of Gourmet gift basket is just the thing. There’s something for everyone in this delectable assortment—Butter Toasted Cashews (need we say more? We’re talking nut nirvana here), Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, sweet and salty (since it’s impossible to decide which is the best, we’ve thrown in a little of both).


But wait, there’s more. We should tell you about the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanuts (move over, naked nuts, chocolate’s in the house). And just in case this isn’t enough to sway your decision, we’ve included some Honey Roasted Peanuts. There’s also White Trash or Dirty White Trash – your choice.

A Little Spice is Nice Gift Basket

This collection is everything you want it to be and more for that spicy someone on your list. Our secret? Variety! Food is fun at its yummiest, when it’s a party waiting to happen. 


Hold the water hose; not everyone wants to start a fire in their mouth. Some people like it spicy, but more on the mild side. This is the basket for them. We’ve included our Honey Roasted Chipotle Peanuts, minus the 3-alarm emergency. 


Laced with smoky jalapeno pepper flavors and coupled with honey, these peanuts are a reason to live. But watch out. Don’t open the package around others. Well, not unless you intend to share.


Along with Honey Roasted Chipotle Peanuts, there is a generous helping of Sea Salt and Pepper Peanuts. No respectable peanut would be without its sea salt, known for its trace minerals and flavor. As well as making this a delicious snack, you’ll find it a bit elevated from the rank-and-file peanut.


Laissez le bon temps rouler, baby! The good times can’t help but roll with our Cajun Peanuts. There’s a reason people travel to New Orleans. Aside from Mardi Gras, swamp tours, crawfish pie, and jambalaya, not to mention the beignets that melt in your mouth in the French Quarter, there’s the Cajun food. Can’t get to New Orleans? Bring the taste of New Orleans to you. Or to your gift recipient.


Oops, we forgot to mention the Buffalo Nuts. Practically in a class by themselves, these peanuts are the result of much-celebrated Southwestern-style seasonings (salt, paprika, garlic, and pepper), guaranteed to keep your gift lovers coming back for more – but be warned: they will probably want more than one delivery. 

Unique Gift Basket

Because there’s always that one person who is a little different from everyone else on your list, there’s the Unique Gift Basket. White Trash (pretzels, crispy cereal, and pecans – oh my! – drenched in creamy white chocolate), Dirty White Trash (let’s throw in some drizzled milk chocolate because this is the promised land), and Dee’s Banana Pudding Peanuts. 


Banana Pudding Peanuts – whoever heard of such a thing? Apparently, Dee did. These are an unimaginable and consummate taste sensation for the different-minded. 


You may think you’ve seen it all, but when was the last time you saw Butt Munch Peanuts and Special Shit Seasoning? Don’t adjust your lens; this is one smorgasbord you need to see for yourself. 


Butt Munch Peanuts – perhaps we should explain this one, but we won’t. We’ll just say this is our #1 best-selling peanut, guaranteed to make your friends suck up to you so they can have some, too. If you like onion, garlic, and chipotle, you will love this savory blend, and so will your recipient. 


Need an extra nudge? Here you go. There is nothing – we repeat, NOTHING – that compares to this unique blend. This is some serious Shit. 


Whatever you’ve got in your cabinet – those imposter seasonings – sorry, but they are no match for our Special Shit. Steak, pork, chicken, and anything else you can think up will be at your mercy when grilled, sauteed, slow-cooked, tenderized, braised, steamed, or broiled with this all-purpose seasoning. Bam! No, you won’t find it in the grocery aisle. But you will find it here.


We all have those hard-to-please people on our list. Have you tried sending something fun and memorable? If you are tired of sending the same old same old, then you’d best Try My Nuts. We know gift-giving is an art. That’s why we’ve allowed our creativity to run wild.


In the end, what will they say about your gift? Will they say they were the best of nuts? The worst of nuts? It’s true; not all nuts are created equal. There’s only one reason to Try My Nuts. To do anything less would be, well, just plain nuts.


Give us a call today; we know how to keep your friends happy. It will be our pleasure to help you select just the gift for that special someone on your list.


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