And Now In Other News: Cashews You Can Use

And Now In Other News: Cashews You Can Use

See that person standing next to the bowl of Try My Nuts? Yes, that’s the one, chatting it up with anyone who’ll listen. You know what’s happening, don’t you? That person is creating a diversion, hoping no one will notice how close they are to the cashews while innocently reaching toward the bowl, popping morsel after morsel into their mouth. 


You thought we wouldn’t notice, didn’t you? Ah, but we did. There’s a sneaky Pete at every wedding, family gathering, and potluck. How do we know? We know what they’re doing because we do the same thing. We position ourselves just so and look harmless while we zero in on the cashews. We carefully survey the bowl and casually slip the cashews into our hands, never letting anyone else know what we’re doing. 


Consider this fair warning: if not monitored, every last cashew will be gone, missing from the bowl, never seen again. Don’t bother shaming us with guilt; it won’t work. We have no remorse.


We love our cashews, don’t we? And why not? They are the tastiest of the bunch. And we’ll go to any lengths to get our hands on them. But then, so will others. 


There’s so much to love about cashews:

First, Health Benefits 

How can we go wrong with fiber, unsaturated fats, magnesium, and properties that help lower blood pressure and cholesterol? And did you know that cashews also contain potassium and are high in antioxidants, too? When you think of it this way, cashews and snacktime go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

Second, Convenience 


Who appreciates practical, handy snacks that mean no planning, no fuss, grab and go? Everyone! 


Try My Nuts has various snacks that include cashews, so why not stock them in your pantry and keep some in your purse, briefcase, and car? Bye-bye, 3:00 slump. Adios, traffic jam sugar drop. No stomach growling here. Not with cashews on hand.

Third, Versatility 

Recipes are your playground with cashews. 


  • Cashew butter often replaces peanut butter. 

  • Dessert bars, cookies, toffee bars, granola.

  • Savory dishes: cashew chicken, vegan pesto, honey cashew chicken, slow cooker chicken.

  • Add to salads, ricotta cheese, and even make cashew creams.

Fourth, Gift-Giving Made Easy

The dilemma is solved. What do you give the boss, coworker, piano teacher, doctor, and pastor? Look no further: the fun is here, and it’s bringing a dose of cashews. 


There are all kinds of ways to knock on your neighbors’ door. You can go empty-handed, but nothing says housewarming like cashews. Need inspiration? 


  • Roast with honey and put in pretty jars.

  • Add rosemary and roast.

  • Making a snack mix is one of the easiest ways to use cashews because you can add any ingredients you wish. Try: cashews, dried cranberries or golden raisins, coconut flakes, chocolate-coated candies, and sesame sticks. Place ingredients in a large container, and mix well. Place in containers and add pretty ribbons, a tag, and voila, you’ve got gifts for the whole office.


Many people like making food gifts. Baked bread, cookies, and baskets of goodies are always a great idea. Since cashew nuts are harvested from the cashew apple of the tropical evergreen tree, it makes sense then that cashews make yummy additions to sweetbreads. Even though cashews originated in Brazil, most consumption is in the United States. 


At Try My Nuts, we’ve taken the work out of snacking and gift-giving; all you need is to sit back in your chair and browse through our selections. 


Think about your recipients. Does someone you know live for spicy treats? We’ve got that – try Honey Roasted Sriracha Cashews. And for those with a passion for sweets, we’ve got Honey Roasted Cashews. Of course, not everyone prefers added flavors; some enjoy the natural sweetness of our Gourmet Salted Cashews. 


Sending a gift through the mail goes a long way in expressing yourself, and what a thrill it is to receive the unexpected! Even though thinking of the right words isn’t always easy, sending a gift of cashews is effortless. 


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