Anyone Up for Some Hot Nuts?

Anyone Up for Some Hot Nuts?


Need some hot nuts? You’re in luck! We’ve got the hottest nuts in town. When it comes to snack food, sometimes your regular sweet and salty options just don’t do the trick. When you’re in the mood to shake it up a little, it’s time to go for spicy instead. Whether you have to feed a room full of people or just want to add a little extra kick to your own snacks, we’ve got exactly what you need with no shortage of options.

Spice Up the Party

Need to add some pep to your party? Hot nuts are the way to go. Everyone expects the chips and veggie trays, so why not throw your guests a curveball with some spicy goodness? Unless Drew jumps on the table to sing show tunes like last time, your hot nuts will be all anybody can talk about. The best thing about a party is the snacks, so make sure you step up your game.


They say that variety is the spice of life, and who are we to argue? We’re all for some spicy variety when it comes to hot nuts. That’s why we want to make sure you have plenty of options. Want a slight spicy edge but nothing that will make your eyes water? Try some mild Carolina Reaper Peanuts. Looking for more of a challenge? Then try Dave’s Burning Nuts. From mild to wild, we’ve got all the variety you could ask from your hot nuts.

How Nuts Are You?

Speaking of challenges, are you nuts for a good dare? Then we’ve got your weekend plans covered. First, let’s start with the Death Nut Challenge. Are you brave enough to handle these hot nuts? Will you quit after level one, or will you make it all the way to the death nuts? If the Death Nut Challenge isn’t enough for you, you might just be crazy enough for the Toe of Satan, but be warned – this lollipop has enough pure chili extract to cause mouth irritation and should only be consumed by adults.

Hot Nuts

Whether you want a challenge or you just enjoy a bit of extra chili powder with your nuts, Try My Nuts has exactly what you want. Take a look at our variety of hot nuts today.

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