Are Boring Snacks Driving You Nuts?

Are Boring Snacks Driving You Nuts?

Are boring snacks driving you nuts? Tired of the usual chips and plain pretzels? Well, then it’s time to Try My Nuts. Our snacks are anything but boring. As a matter of fact, we reject boring in everything that we do. Here, you’ll only find snacks that push the envelope. Well, okay, you’ll also find your classic salty nuts here, but some things are timeless. When you want to mix things up, though, we’ve got what you need. 


Spice It Up 

Are you looking for some more spice in your life? Then we’ve got the heat that you crave. Try My Nuts is home to all kinds of spicy challenges. For example, how about the Death Nut Challenge? This challenge starts with some mildly hot nuts, but then it progresses until you’ve reached the Death Nut. Can you handle the Death Nut? Try it and see what happens. 


Not Just Beef Jerky 

You’ve tried ordinary beef jerky. You can get it in any gas station at any time. Well, have you tried beef jerky made with more than just beef? How about some kangaroo beef jerky? What about alligator beef jerky? If you’re feeling really adventurous, go for the ostrich. How many of your friends can say that they’ve tried ostrich meat? Yeah, that’s what we thought. 


Always Invite the White Trash 

What’s a party without a little White Trash? Have you been to a party with some White Trash lately? If not, why not bring the White Trash yourself? The White Trash at Try My Nuts is the best. It’s a mix of crispy cereals, pretzels, and pecans coated in white chocolate. If you want some milk chocolate drizzled on top of your White Trash, then go for the Dirty White Trash instead. Either way, your snacks will be far from boring. 


Get Some of Dee’s Nuts 

And now back to the nuts. Have you tried any of Dee’s Nuts? Dee’s Nuts come in all kinds of flavors that you won’t find with regular nuts. Have you ever had banana pudding nuts? What about dill pickle nuts? Cool ranch and sriracha? If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out. If you’re tired of boring and ordinary, then Dee’s Nuts are the perfect choice. 


Try My Nuts 

Ready to ditch the boring snacks for something more exciting? Then Try My Nuts has all of the variety that you need. Take a look at your product options and find your perfect snacks.

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