Are You Ready to Come Out of Your Shell? Then Try My Nuts

Are You Ready to Come Out of Your Shell? Then Try My Nuts

Do you want to come out of your shell? Then it’s time to be one with your nuts. Who better to teach us about coming out of a shell than a delicious nut? Plus, there’s nothing more fun than cracking open a crunchy nut. When you want nuts in the shell, then there’s no better resource than Try My Nuts. We’re your go-to source for all kinds of nuts, including the shelled kind. 


Throw Those Shells on the Floor 

Recreate the experience of your favorite restaurant by snacking on some in-the-shell peanuts. Try My Nuts makes those peanuts even better, though. At the restaurant, you just get salty nuts. Now, we love salty nuts, and that’s definitely one of our options. But what about spicy nuts? We have those, too. Try our Cajun shelled peanuts. We also have dill pickle flavored nuts for those of you who are really adventurous. Just pick up those shells before you make all of your loved ones resent you. 



Want to move beyond peanuts? How about some pistachios, then? Everyone loves pistachios. They’ve even become an ice cream flavor for some reason. You probably won’t find our garlic pistachios or jalapeno pistachios in an ice cream cone any time soon, though. At least, we hope not. They’re not ice cream material, but they’re delicious on their own, so go ahead and give them a try. 


Seeds in the Shell

Try My Nuts has all the nuts you could want, but we go beyond the nuts, too. Nuts aren’t the only thing to come out of their shells. Seeds can come out of their shells, too. Of course, our sunflower seeds come in a candy-coated shell, so they’re a little different. That’s okay. A shell’s a shell, and different is delicious. 


Be Your Own Best Nutcracker 

With the help of Try My Nuts, you can be the nutcracker of your own life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t crack your own nuts. While you get those nuts out of their shell, you can come out of your own shell, too. 


Try My Nuts

Ready to try my nuts? Good! Whether you like shells or no shells, these nuts are the best nuts. Go ahead and get to know our nuts. You’ll be glad you did. Whether you’re going to stick with your old favorites or try something new, we’ve got the nuts that you want.

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