Can You Handle the World’s Hottest Nuts?

Can You Handle the World’s Hottest Nuts?

Think you can handle the world’s hottest nuts? That depends. Do you laugh in the face of hot sauce? Do you reject the notion of “too spicy?” Do you live for a challenge while others cower in fear? In that case, perhaps the world’s hottest nuts are right for you. Tread carefully, friend. You’re in for an adventure, and we don’t say those words lightly. After all, we never mess around when it comes to our nuts. 


World’s Hottest Nuts 

The World’s Hottest Nuts are some of the spiciest nuts we have, and that’s saying something. We carry tins of Dave’s Burning Nuts, Nuts on Fire, The Hottest F’n Nuts, and other absurdly spicy combinations. Only the spiciest of spice lovers can handle these nuts. They’re five times hotter than a habanero pepper. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned. 


The Nuts With a Warning Label 

These nuts are so spicy that they come with a warning label. You should always proceed with caution when it comes to the World’s Hottest Nuts. Rule number one: Never touch your eyes right after touching your nuts. It’s a bad idea, and your eyes don’t deserve that kind of pain. When you’ve been eating these nuts, always wash your hands when you’re done. Trust us. 


How to Eat the World’s Hottest Nuts 

Think that you can handle the World’s Hottest Nuts? Then here’s what you need to do. First of all, don’t just dive into that jar of nuts like some kind of ill-informed squirrel. Get your supplies ready first. No, a glass of water won’t do you any good. When
you’ve got nuts this spicy, you’ll want a piece of bread or a glass of milk to take the spicy edge off. Once you have everything you need, start with
one nut. Get used to those nuts before you try eating any more. 


Who’s the Toughest Nut? 

Are you a tough nut? Are your friends tough nuts? Then let’s find out who’s the Ruler of All Things Spicy. These hot nuts are ready to help. Bring your nuts to a party or introduce them to your group of friends. See who can live up to the challenge. 


Get Your Hands on These Nuts 

Ready to grab some of these nuts for yourself? Then you’re ready to Try My Nuts. Visit our World’s Hottest Nuts page to find the spice you crave.

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