Chocolate Lovers Gift Baskets: When Unforeseen Circumstances Require Immediate Chocolate Attention

Chocolate Lovers Gift Baskets: When Unforeseen Circumstances Require Immediate Chocolate Attention


Crud! I forgot your birthday. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I forgot your anniversary. I forgot to remind myself to remember your graduation. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. If only I’d remembered to send that gift basket from Try My Nuts.


You see, I was busy with my stuff, and I thought about you, but that’s as far as I got, and then, well, you see, I was going to call you, but my phone battery died. The dog ate my calendar. I had to work late at the office. I overslept. I couldn’t take off work. I needed chocolate.


I do hope you accept my apology. And I might add, a Try My Nuts Gift Basket is coming to a mailbox near you.


Hopefully, you’ll be home. But if you’re thinking of leaving the country, might we suggest Switzerland? A trip to the Swiss Alps does the spirit good if climbing a mountain is on your bucket list, especially if you are talking about mountains of chocolate. 


Celebrations, apologies, romance, and holidays – from get-well wishes to sneaking the goods from the Halloween candy stash, chocolate gets it done. Nothing sends the right message, the ultimate guilty pleasure, the universal “ah” like chocolate. 


And while the Swiss may own the bragging rights to the first milk chocolate recipe, we Americans love our chocolate just as much. So send a Try My Nuts Gift Basket oozing with milk chocolate.


Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Who doesn’t love a pick-me-up? When you’ve got the blues or could use some special attention, what a surprise it is to receive such a thoughtful gift. And if you appreciate gift baskets, then we assure you, so do your recipients.


Hopefully, you are the planning type. You think ahead. But if not, then not to worry – we’ve got you covered.


It happens to all of us – it’s called the last-minute gift-giving boogie. The boss has a birthday. A couple celebrates a milestone anniversary, or a family sits beside a loved one undergoing a surgical procedure. A co-worker retires. The neighbors invite you over for the holidays. You can’t show up empty-handed, can you? 


But you don’t know what to take because it’s a global dilemma – what do you get someone you barely know?


Then again, what do you get someone you do know? Someone you love, who loves you back and overlooks your flaws, but won’t under any circumstances understand that you bought a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope and left it on the table with a birthday card? 


Like sure, your significant other will magically know that they are concerned about your health.  As if taking your blood pressure in any language even begins to spell romance. Stop with the excuses already. Send in the chocolate, for heaven’s sake, and don’t stop until you are in a 3-alarm coma.


Forrest Gump was right. “Life is like a box of chocolates.” You might think you know what you will get, but that’s half the fun of gift baskets—digging around to see what’s there and finding the next fun nibble.


Perhaps you know the thrill of receiving something so decadent that the only thing you can do is rip into the peanuts. Then you know what we know.


Every respectable occasion calls for chocolate. Every. Single. One. 


logies, romances, holidays, get-well wishes, Valentine tokens, and Easter baskets are all chocolate emergencies. Mining for chocolate in the Halloween stash is one of our great American pastimes. 


If you name it, chocolate gets it done and then some. Nothing says true “guilty pleasure” like a box of chocolates. Or a gift basket from Try My Nuts. And we have plenty of choices to meet every need.

I Love You More Than Chocolate Gift Basket

Our milk chocolate-covered pretzels are just the right combination of sweet and savory. This one has yum factor written all over it. Consider yourself salted.


Tucked into every basket is the chocolate-covered peanut brittle guaranteed to make you slap your mama.


If the brittle isn’t enough to make your mouth water with delight, there are 8 ounces of our Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanuts. These babies speak for themselves.


Chocolate double-dipped peanuts. Let us repeat that. Double-dipped.


Top it off with seven total ounces of crunch with our White Trash or Dirty White Trash.


Are you feeling the love? You should be because our “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN CHOCOLATE” plush bear is included to add that special touch.

A Taste of Gourmet Gift Basket

Much like its counterpart, this yummy gift basket boasts oodles of chocolate, including Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanuts and Dirty White Trash or White Trash. This lovely offering should come with a warning label that reads “Munch at your own risk.”

Chocolate Lover Gift Basket 

Move over, boring gifts; Chocolate Lover is in the house. For every chocolate connoisseur, this basket is overflowing with happiness. And why? Because chocolate is the glue that keeps us all together.


Chocolate wraps around you like a blanket on your bed.


Chocolate comforts like a fluffy pillow under your head at the end of the day, and may we add sweet dreams?


In need of a gift, and need it right away? Call us today at Try My Nuts. Whatever the occasion, get something unique—no ifs, ands, or nuts.


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