Corporate Gift Giving? Don’t Go Nuts – Try My Nuts!

Corporate Gift Giving? Don’t Go Nuts – Try My Nuts!

Friends, is gifting driving you nuts?


Do you pull your hair out trying to find that perfect gift? When you’re in business, many suppliers thank you for being a good customer by sending gifts. If you’re the one sending the gifts, it can be tough to think of a gift that will help your customers remember you! 


Who’s on your gift list? Teachers, secretaries, office professionals, the mail carrier, your doctor, your lawyer, your pastor… there’s always some reason to send a gift. 


Birthdays and holidays creep up on you, and there you are with no gift insight. Or worse, you look through a catalog and decide that putting your company logo on a pencil is a good idea. 


Like the recipient will be thrilled to have another pen or highlighter, or – horrors – the dreaded chip clip. And where do these thoughtful gifts wind up? In the junk drawer, where you toss those giant paper clips or erasers and then quickly forget they are there.


There are all kinds of ways to thank your customers, but only a handful of gifts are memorable. 


Business owners and managers receive so many gifts during the holiday season that it can be easy for your token to disappear in the chaos. 


On the other hand, if you’re the one receiving gifts, which ones do you remember? Those plastic-y chocolates, or the paperweight? The plant that’s guaranteed to die by the end of the month? Or the gift of (last) year: a customized face mask with the logo of your supplier? Not hardly.


The right gift for every occasion is food with a nice note. 


The thing is, people like food. They can munch on it at their desks, in the break room, during meetings, and take it home. You can never fail with edible treats – unless you choose the wrong one. If it’s summer, you shouldn’t even think about sending chocolate-covered strawberries destined to melt by the time they arrive. 


If it’s winter, sending out-of-season fruit is always iffy.


Stop driving yourself nuts when perhaps the best gift of all is nuts. 


Nothing gimmicky – just tasty nuts. Assorted nuts, chocolate-covered nuts, spicy, sweet and salty nuts. 


At Try My Nuts, we believe in putting the fun back into gifting. We have a whole range of tasty ideas for your best customers with easy-to-manage options, like tins, baskets, and personalized treats.  


Choose from a wide array of ideas from nuts to spices, or create customized tins. And yes, we can put your logo on your gift, so no one will have to ask, “Hey, Bob, which company gave us those nuts?” 


We all have friends and colleagues whose tastes or needs are unique. What if one of your clients has a deadly allergy to nuts? What to do? How to show that YOU know their needs? We have ideas, even if that person cannot have any foods that may even have been near the production of our nutty goodies.  


Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got plenty of selections for those with peanut alle


For those who always seem to have cola, coffee, or water within reach, you’ve come to the right place. Our Koozies will keep beverages cold and hot and the name of your company within sight. 

Savory Cracker Seasoning 

For those who like to entertain, don’t forget the snacks. This is one gift they will have to make themselves, but oh boy, is it ever worth it! In case you haven’t heard, our Savory Cracker Seasonings are all they’re cracked up to be. 


Follow these instructions:


Make the crackers.

Pour half of the crackers into a bowl for sharing.

Pour the other half into a bowl for you.

Hide your bowl under your shirt.

Hide in the bedroom and munch.


Additional selections include:


Savory Cracker Seasoning Original Flavor


Savory Cracker Seasoning Texas Chipotle Flavor


Savory Cracker Seasoning Garden Dill Flavor


Perhaps you’ve met over coffee to discuss corporate business—no need to stop there. Coffee is always a great choice in giving; at Try My Nuts, we have only the best – so you can send it to even the most particular recipient.




But what if you have that exceptional customer, someone who has done you huge favors, or a winning employee? It helps to have something extraordinary to remember you throughout the year. Ah, now we’re talking!


Our Nut of the Month Club makes the perfect gift! We offer several tracks. Choose the nuts you would like for us to send each month, and we take care of the rest. Month after month, it’s the gift that keeps you in their thoughts.


It’s challenging to make an impression when you’re buying gifts to reward loyalty or good performance. So many companies offer gift ideas made “extraordinary” by the fact that they’ve put their logo on the pencils or paperweights or even face masks they send you.  


No single gift will work for everyone, and your willingness to show that you know them and are ready to meet their needs is essential. But your job is running your company, not shopping for gifts. 


Try My Nuts will help you find the perfect gift for anyone, all on our handy website. If you’re stumped, contact us today at 540-479-6658 or email us at

When it comes to gift-giving, you’ll be nuts about our nuts.


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