Corporate Gifts for When Your Boss Is Nuts

Corporate Gifts for When Your Boss Is Nuts

Is your boss nuts? Or maybe your boss just likes nuts. Either way, have we got the corporate gifts for you. The holiday season has officially arrived, and our nut buckets, nut baskets, and nut of the month clubs are perfect for anyone who needs unique gifts for bosses and coworkers. So, assuming that your boss doesn’t have a nut allergy (P.S. – You should always find out), take a look at some of your corporate gift options with Try My Nuts.

For the Nostalgic Boss

Does your boss talk fondly about his childhood? Does he make comments about the good old days before technology ruined everything? Is he weirdly suspicious of millennials? We have the perfect gift for him. As soon as you’re done reminding him where the power button on his computer is, order him a tin of our Norman Rockwell salted peanuts. The jolly Santa on the tin will remind him of simpler times and give him the dose of nostalgia that he craves.

For the Festive Boss

Is your boss holly jolly? Did she cover the office in twinkly lights the day after Halloween? Then give her the gift that will let her unleash her festive spirit. How about a candy cane filled with 4 ounces of white trash? The snack inside is delicious, of course, with its crispy cereal and white chocolate. And the cheerful candy cane packaging will sit proudly on her desk until Valentine’s Day, probably.

When You Want Happy Nuts

Listen, any office could use an extra smiling face, so why not make that happen with your corporate gifts? If your workplace has been a little gloomy lately, what you need is some happy nuts. After all, who doesn’t love some happy nuts, right? Give this smiley nut bucket to your boss or a particularly grumpy coworker. It’ll either make them crack a smile or get annoyed. In any case, it’s a win for you.

Choose Your Own Nuts

Perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a free spirit, or maybe you don’t want to get tied down to just one choice. We get it, and we support your freedom to choose your own nuts. Maybe you’ll create your own three pack or choose your own gift tin. When you’re looking for corporate gifts (or gifts for yourself, we’re not judging), then go ahead and pick and choose some nuts.

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Ready to check out some corporate gifts? Then you should totally Try My Nuts. Check out the corporate gift section on our website to find the right gifts for any type of boss.

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