Create Your Own Gift Basket

Create Your Own Gift Basket

What do you get for the boss who has everything? Or for the sister who deserves the world? Or for the cousin who kind of gets on your nerves but also makes a really good Thanksgiving turkey? Unique gifts are hard to find. It’s okay, though. Instead of driving yourself nuts, let us help you with the gift-giving. Build your own gift baskets, and let your friends and family know how much you love them. We can take all of the pressure out of buying presents, and the recipient will love your choices. After all, who doesn’t love snacks? 


Choose Your Nuts 

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your nuts. You’re going for unique gifts, so mix it up as much as you want to. You’re in charge here. There are no wrong answers. There are just nuts. We’ve got peanuts, cashews, almonds, and every kind of nut that you can imagine, so go ahead and go nuts when you make your choices. Feel free to get creative. This is your gift-giving nutsterpiece. 


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nuts 

Do you want to mix things up? Why shouldn’t you have some variety? You’re going for unique gifts, after all, not plain and boring gifts. We’ve already pointed out our nutty snack varieties, but it gets better. We’ve got sweet nuts, spicy nuts, and the ever-popular salty nuts. Go ahead. Mix wasabi nuts with chocolate covered peanuts. Or pair raw Brazil nuts with cinnamon pecans. You could create hundreds of combinations, so don’t let us stop you. 


There’s Always a Gift Certificate 

Okay, sometimes finding unique gifts is too much pressure. We’ve all been there. Who among us hasn’t wept over the stress of getting a corporate gift at three in the morning before the Christmas party? We digress. Anyway, when you can’t decide which nuts will work best, you can always let the recipient decide. At Try My Nuts, we have gift certificates. This way, you
r loved one gets to choose their own nuts. And really, isn’t that the greatest gift of all? 


Unique Gifts 

Whenever you need unique gifts, especially unique nut gifts, Try My Nuts is here to serve. We have more gift options than you could possibly imagine. If you’re hungry, you might as well get some gifts for yourself, too. Check out your gift options and pick out your best choice today. You’ll definitely find something unique and delicious.

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