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Decorate with Nut Shells

Decorate with Nut Shells

Last week, we looked at some creative possibilities to decorate with nut shells. This week, we'll take a look at a neat nut shell project that is well, in a nut shell, super easy and fun.

Here’s How to Make a Pistachio Nut Shell Tealight Holder

First, you want to think of the special people in your life with whom you will share your creation. If you think of them first, then what you make will be an act of the heart for the people in your life.  

Secondly, gather what you need for a successful project. You will need:

  • 1 bag of Try My Nuts© Super Colossal Salted Pistachios (plus an extra bag of any flavor for additional munching as desired)
  • Hot glue gun
  • spray paint or acrylic paint (color of your choice)
  • Cardboard piece or used CD
  • Clear plastic tea light container cup (sold in packs at craft stores or picked up as a thrift item)
  • embellishments and tealight candles

Once your pistachios arrive in the mail (if you ordered them from or in the house from the car (if you dropped by the local Try My Nuts store), tear open the bag and shell them all, placing them in a funky serving bowl for consumption by you, your family and your friends and reserving the shells in another bowl.

Rinse the pistachio shells in water and a touch of bleach. That will help clean them up nicely and bring out the color you have selected to paint them. Set the nutshells on a paper towel to dry, then transfer them to a good spot for painting (like an old cardboard box or some piece thereof). Now paint to your heart’s content. You can spray or brush on ruby red, holiday gold, sparkly silver or something that matches other stuff you have for parties. Let the nut shells dry. 

Next, put on something groovy to listen to while you create, maybe something like “I'm a Nut” by Leroy Pullins. Prepare to wield your glue gun. After listening to Leroy Pullins, you may decide that you never really liked that CD anyway, so just turn it around to be the base for your candle holder. Or, you can use cardboard cut out in a circle about the size of a CD. Use a large can of tomatoes or beans (or a CD) to draw the circle on the cardboard and then cut it out. 

Now it’s time to have a break and eat some pistachios. For this part of the project, you may want to buy an extra bag of Super Colossal Pistachios or indulge in the rich taste of Garlic PistachiosJalapeno Pistachios, or Sea Salt and Pepper Pistachios. Invite your family or friends to munch pistachios with you and gawk at your project.

Next, glue the plastic tea light container cup in the precise center of your CD or cardboard circle. You can eye it or measure it. The exactitude all depends on you. 

At this point, the assembly of your lotus flower “pista” ring begins. The general rule is no more than 4 or 5 concentric circles. If you add any more than that, it can start to look a little clumsy. 

Draw your first, second, third and fourth concentric circle lines where you plan to glue the nut shells. Using your glue gun, apply about 2 inches worth of glue on your smallest (inner) circle. Begin standing the shells on end in the glue around the container cup. Gently touch them so they lay back at the desired angle. Do 4 or 5 at a time. Then add more glue on the circle and repeat the process. Work carefully but quickly, as you have about 5 minutes before the glue dries. 

When you are finished filling all 4 or 5 glue circles with your painted nut shells, pause a moment. Step back and look at your creation. The final step is to munch a few more shelled pistachios and think to yourself, “Am I amazing or what?” 

Happy creating (and munching)!

Nutella Yum

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