Do You Go Nuts on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Do You Go Nuts on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Do you go nuts on Saint Patrick’s Day? We do. We consider it our divinely-appointed mission to help others go nuts, too. It’s our calling, if you will. What better way to help than with Saint Patrick’s day snacks? If you’ve found yourself in charge of the party snacks, then it’s time to get crackin’. Literally, if you like your nuts in shells.

Make It Big

Go big or go home, especially on Saint Patrick’s Day. Nobody wants to be subtle on March 17th. If you’re looking for Saint Patrick’s Day snacks, then put away the boring and predictable food. Anybody can bring out some green beer and chips. It’s too easy. We don’t roll that way. Want something new? Then go for it. We’ve got plenty of options for you. We’ll bet you’ve never been to a party with Habanero Lizard Eyes, right? (Relax, they’re just olives. But they are tasty.) Skip the dull snacks this year. We’ve got all the fun party snacks that you need.

Go Green

What is Saint Patrick’s day without some green party snacks? How about some wasabi snacks? They’re mean, they’re green, and they’ll add a nice kick to your snack table. We’ve also got dill pickle flavored snacks, green jellies, and more. Get creative with your snacks. Have a nice variety.

Invite the White Trash

Nothing says “Saint Patrick’s Day party” like White Trash. And by “White Trash,” we mean our perfectly crunchy blend of pretzels, cereals, pecans, and white chocolate. If you’d rather have Dirty White Trash instead of the regular White Trash, we can drizzle those snacks with some milk chocolate. Get them in a 2 lb can if you want your White Trash to serve the whole party.

Don’t Forget the Drinkware

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day. Obviously, you’re going to have to think about the drinks. Have you thought about the perfect party drinkware? Try My Nuts has can koozies, plastic cups, and insulated solo cups. We’ve even got multi-colored shot glasses. If you want the perfect drinks to go with your perfect Saint Patrick’s Day snacks, then you need to serve them in the perfect glasses.

Saint Patrick’s Day Snacks

The bottom line? Try My Nuts has all of your snack needs covered. Whether you’re buying snacks for yourself or throwing a big party, we have everything you need. Browse our products today so that you’re ready to throw a party they’ll never forget.


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