For All the Nuts at the Family Reunion

For All the Nuts at the Family Reunion

So you’re in charge of the snacks at the family reunion. It could be worse. You could be in charge of the seating chart, or the location, or making sure that your brother doesn’t talk politics with Uncle Frank. Instead, you’re in charge of the snacks. You got off easy, friend. In fact, we’re about to make it even easier for you. Instead of ordering snacks from a bunch of different locations, why not treat the whole family to some delicious¬†nuts.

What’s Your Flavor?

When you need nuts for the nuts in your family, there’s no better source than Try My Nuts. Whatever your family’s snack preferences, we’ve got what you need to make everybody happy. For the family members who like to have some spice in their lives, we’ve got everything from Carolina Reaper Peanuts to Honey Roasted Chipotle Cashews. For those who would rather have a salty mix, our Deluxe Mixed Nuts give you a great choice. And for those who need a little sweetness, we have brittle and chocolate covered nuts.

Buckets and Baskets

Now, how big is this reunion going to be? Do you have a small gathering planned, or do you literally have everyone and their mother showing up? If it’s the latter, you’re going to need more nuts. In that case, buckets and baskets are the way to go. Take the ever-popular nut bucket, for example. If smaller tins just won’t do the job, then why not bring out a caddy full of nuts? The nut buckets even come in different themes. Try this smiley-faced bucket to tell your family that you’re happy to see them, or go with the burlap trash bucket if you’re trying to send a different kind of message.

More Eating, Less Talking

What’s your major? Are you seeing anyone yet? How’s the job going? Put enough nuts on the table, and you can avoid all of these questions. Nothing puts a stop to uncomfortable conversations quite like a great variety of snacks. Sorry Aunt Judy, can’t talk now. My mouth is full. Here, want some nuts?

Try My Nuts

If you need nuts for a family reunion, company picnic, or even just for a delicious snack, then you should absolutely Try My Nuts. We have all sorts of snacks that can satisfy your every craving. While we can’t advise you on how to get out of your family reunion obligations, we can at least help you provide the best snacks. Ready to make your order? Take a look at our options today.

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