Get Spooky with Your Nuts this Halloween

Get Spooky with Your Nuts this Halloween

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Who’s in the mood for spooky season? All right, fine. The whole year has been scary, and not in a good way. And Halloween is going to look very different this year. Still, Halloween is a no-pressure holiday with cool movies and no gift-giving obligations, so we’re still counting it as one of our favorites. And as always, we love any excuse to go nuts. So if you’re trying to keep Halloween fun for the kids, or if you’re watching Hocus Pocus for the fifth time this month, we’ve got a few nutty ideas to send your way. Ready? Then let’s get started. 


A Costume for Your Nuts 

We’ve been wearing masks for most of this year. At least now we get to do it for fun. In the spirit of Halloween, did you know that your nuts can wear costumes, too? It’s true. Nuts love costumes. Why should you leave your nuts out of the fun? We love to dress up our nuts. 

For example, these cleverly disguised Boston Baked Beans aren’t even beans at all! 

Did they have you fooled? Ha. They’re not even from Boston. They are tasty, though, whether or not you’re a fan of actual baked beans. These peanuts are coated in a candy shell, giving you the perfect combination of savory and sweet. 

And then there are these guys. 

They’re called French Burnt Peanuts, which is a weird name for a peanut in a firecracker costume. These peanuts are also coated in candy, and they have a fun texture if you want to try something different.  


Better than Candy 

We love candy. We sell candy. We just mentioned two kinds of nuts that are coated in candy. But even candy-coated nuts are better than regular candy without the nuts. 

That’s because candy just gives you sugar. It doesn’t really do anything for you. Nuts are full of protein, vitamins, and minerals, though. You can dip them in chocolate or coat them with a colorful shell, but those nutrients are there to stay. Look, Halloween is for chocolate. We’re not going to deny that. And really, why would you deny yourself chocolate in this of all years? All we’re saying is that while you’re eating that chocolate, you might as well get some Omega 3s and magnesium while you’re at it. 

(Bonus point: Magnesium helps you sleep. We’re not making any promises about the kids going to bed early, but it can’t hurt.) 


Add Surprises to Your “Trick or Treat” Activity 

Listen, trick or treating is risky. They may have debunked that whole “razor blades in apples” thing, but everything is risky this year. Many neighborhoods have cancelled trick-or-treating altogether, and even if your kids can trick-or-treat this year, that whole “risk of catching and spreading a deadly virus” thing may take a bit of the fun out of it. 

Which is why a lot of parents are opting for “trick or treat” home activities. One option is to hide candy around the house and have the kids search for it, like the Halloween version of Easter eggs. Another option is to leave clues for a scavenger hunt approach. When the kids reach the end of the scavenger hunt, they win a bucket full of candy. 

In any case, nuts can add something new to your activities. They can give the kids something salty and nutritious to snack on while they look for their sugary treats, or they can make a great addition to the candy bucket itself. 


Energy for Your Movie Marathon 

Then again, maybe you don’t have kids. Or maybe you do, but you’re planning to start your Halloween movie marathon after the kids go to bed, and frankly, you’ll need some extra energy to stay awake that late. 

And that is why we have nuts. See, the nutrition in nuts will provide sustained energy, not the quick high and crash of a sugar rush. And if you’re going to power through all five Scream movies, then you’ll need sustained energy to avoid falling asleep on the couch and having weird dreams. 

Try some energy trail mix for a good blend of carbs and protein, or just snack on a handful of your favorite nuts. And if you want to eat some candy bars while you’re at it, then go for it. It’s Halloween. Besides, you’re the one who bought the stuff. Call it a candy tax. Or just don’t tell the kids about chocolate bars you keep on top of the refrigerator. 


Spooky Gift Baskets 

Why save the gift baskets for Valentine’s Day? It’s 2020. Everything is weird this year. Who says you can’t create a spooky gift basket? Start with a customizable basket, and then choose whatever nuts you think fit the bill. Add spicy nuts, sweet nuts, and even Dirty White Trash if that’s what you’re into. 


They Say the Toe of Satan Appears on Halloween Night 

They don’t actually say that. But they could, if you wanted to make the Toe of Satan a part of your Halloween celebration. The Toe of Satan isn’t a nut, exactly, but you can find it here at Try My Nuts. It’s a super-spicy lollipop that only the bravest of souls can attempt. Do you count yourself among those brave souls? Can you survive the Toe for a full five minutes? Then Halloween night is your night. 


Try My Nuts for a Great Halloween

Okay, Halloween is going to look different this year. By next year, maybe we’ll be back to trick-or-treating and Halloween parties with friends. In the meantime, while you’re staying responsible and keeping your loved ones safe, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep the spirit of Halloween alive and well from your living room. 

Start by taking a look at Try My Nuts. We have nuts, candies, fun snacks, gifts, and everything else you’ll need to make a snack-filled spooky evening. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to go nuts.


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