Hot Nuts and Other Ways To Feel the Heat

Hot Nuts and Other Ways To Feel the Heat

It’s summer, so what better way to enjoy sweating through your clothes than to kick up your snacking up a notch? Feel the heat inside and out with tasty, craving-crushing delights from Try My Nuts. With everything from hot nuts to hot sauces that go perfectly with any summer snack fling, you can bet your mouth will be blistering with joy this season. 


Are you ready to punch your mouth with flavor, heat, and savory morsels of fire? If so, try our many spicy nut options today. Perhaps you are more of a “hot sauce on your morning eggs” type of person. If so, we have you covered in that department with our Eve Hot Sauce. If you feel even more adventurous, take our Death Nut Challenge for a real firsthand encounter with what it feels like to munch on hot lava. And don’t forget to check out our website to browse all of our tasty treats, both spicy and mild, today. 


We’re Nuts for Hot Nuts


Big surprise, but at Try My Nuts, we are known far and wide for our nuts! One of our specialties is hot spicy nuts that leave your tongue tingling in anticipation of more. From Cajun and habanero to ghost pepper and even our intense Carolina Reaper hot nuts, we deliver heat and flavor. And don’t worry – our nuts vary in intensity, offering something for people of all palates. We’ve got everything from milder flavors to “light your stomach on fire” varieties. Some of our most popular flavors include:


  • Cajun Peanuts

  • Ass Kickin’ Habanero Peanuts

  • Our Firecracker Mix

  • Carolina Reaper Peanuts (Mild, Medium, and Wild)

  • Jalapeno Pistachios

  • Try My Nuts On Fire

  • Wasabi Peanut Crunchies

  • Wasabi Peas

  • And Much More!


Meet The Death Nut Challenge 


If all of that doesn’t sound adventurous enough for you, meet the Death Nut Challenge 3.0. This challenge is not for the faint of heart… or should we say stomach? The Death Nut Challenge brings you new and improved nut variations. Each Death Nut is made with super-hot pepper distillation repeated in powder form directly onto the nuts. In total, the heat adds up quickly to around 16,000,000 Scoville Heat Units. 


The best part is there are multiple levels. Each one has a base layer of Carolina Reaper flavor for consistency. After that, the fun begins with five additional steps that make each group progressively hotter. The five groups include:


  • Datil Peppers & West Indies Scotch Bonnet 

  • Ghost Peppers & 7-Pot Brain Strain  

  • Double shot of Ghost Peppers & 7-Pot Douglah

  • Double shot of Carolina Reaper Peppers, a double shot of 7-Pot Brain Strain, & Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers 

  • Triple shot of Carolina Reaper Peppers, a double shot of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers, the explosive 7-Pot Primo Peppers, and all-new 16 million Scoville Capsaicin Crystals. 


While the Death Nut Challenge is a lot of fun, it should also be taken seriously. Whether you are looking for an insane snack to prank your friends with or want to ignite a party with a wild scramble for the milk jug, these peppers deliver enough bang for one to three people. Young children, elderly people, and those who are extremely sensitive to hot foods should avoid coming into contact with these bad boys. Always wash hands thoroughly after consuming and avoid contact with eyes.


Fiery Temptation in a Bottle


Let’s be honest: nothing is hotter than a bottle of Eve’s Hot Sauce from Try My Nuts. Eve’s Hot Sauce brings the heat. With the bottle’s sexy glass design and exotic flavors, this sauce is wildly popular. It works well in tandem with Adam’s Hot Sauce. Filled with CaJohn’s famous hot sauce and standing sleek and bright red in its German art-glass bottle, this fiery sauce goes great with all kinds of foods. Give it a try today to learn the real secrets of the Garden of Eden. 

Feel the Heat All Year Long with The Try My Nuts Difference 


Whether you are looking to spice up your meals, snacks, or party platters, Try My Nuts delivers. We have something for individuals of all tastes, with quality snack foods and incredibly complex hot sauce flavors like Eve’s Hot Sauce. See the Try My Nuts difference in snacking when you test out any of our tasty products today. 


See All of Our Tantalizing Treats Today 


Hot Nuts tingling on your tongue! Eve’s Hot Sauce sprinkled on your favorite foods! What more could you ask for from our snack food experts? We have something for everyone, so visit our website to find the perfect nutrition for your tastebuds today! And enter the Death Nut Challenge – it’s ready to bring laughter and a whole lot of tears to any day of the week.



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