How to Choose Your Nut Retailers

How to Choose Your Nut Retailers

Do you love nuts? Of course you do. Why else would you be online looking for nut retailers? Well, we here at Try My Nuts are also fans of some good nuts. There’s truly nothing better than a round, salty, and delicious nut. Now, there are lots of nut retailers out there, so how can you make sure that you choose the right one? Well, you can always look for the traits that we’ve listed here.

A Whole Family of Nut Lovers

Let’s start here. You want nut retailers that have a family-run business, and we’re not just saying that because we happen to be a family business. The thing is, when you get your nuts from a family of nuts, then you know that you’re getting your nuts from someone who actually cares. And boy, do we care about nuts. We love the kind of nuts we eat, and we love the kind of nuts we work with, because that’s how family works.

Also, when you shop from a family-owned store, it often means that you’re shopping local. You could buy your nuts from a place that also sells pajamas and smart watches, but then whose economy are you helping? Exactly. Family-owned is the way to go.

A Variety of High-Quality Nuts

Next, nut retailers should offer excellence, because who wants average nuts? When you let someone grab a handful of your nuts, do you want them to say, “Ah, yes, those nuts are perfectly mediocre”? Nope! You want quality nuts, and you want a variety of nuts.

Let’s talk quality first. The best nuts have an excellent texture, both firm and smooth. They also have a fantastic taste. Basically, you’re looking for nuts that you enjoy holding in your hand as much as you enjoy putting them in your mouth. And believe us, when you put those nuts in your mouth, you’ll know whether or not you’ve picked a good nut retailer.

Next, there’s variety. Some retailers only have one or two types of nuts to offer. That’s nonsense. We know that some people are very particular. They think that all nuts should look a certain way. But we say that all nuts can be beautiful, and we celebrate nuts of all shapes and sizes in our stores. We love perfectly round nuts, but we also love oval nuts, long nuts, full nuts, and all kinds of other nuts. If you ask us, everyone should be proud of their nuts.

We even take that variety a step further with our flavors. We offer spicy nuts, cheesy nuts, salty nuts, and nuts that are dipped in chocolate. Who are we to judge your nut preferences? We’ve got something for everybody.

Nut Retailers Should Have Gift-Giving Options

When it comes to nuts, it’s important to share the love. That’s why nut retailers should also have lots of gift-giving options. For example, how about some gift boxes and gift tins? A good nut shop will have gift baskets for virtually every occasion, including major holidays and birthdays.

And what about nut of the month clubs? Sometimes, you want to give a gift that they can open over and over again, and short of re-gifting presents to Dory from Finding Nemo, nut of the month clubs are the best way to do exactly that. For any amount of time from three months to twelve months, your friend can have nuts delivered right to their door.

Besides gift nuts and nut of the month clubs, look for fun apparel, mugs, and similar items. Nuts are great, but they’re even better when they come with a T-shirt full of nut puns.

Fun Food and Snacks

Now, we obviously love nuts, but if you really want some awesome nut retailers, then look for nut retailers that also offer other snacks. Unfortunately, we cannot live on nuts alone, no matter how many times we’ve tried.

Fortunately, we do offer other fun food and snacks, as every good nut retailer should. And they’re not boring snacks that we add to our inventory just to fill a quota, either. No, these are snacks for the adventurer. You want to try exotic animal beef jerky? Go for it. We have that. Hey, you like white trash? So do we.

We’ve got your nuts, but we’ve also got a lot of other things to supplement your nuts. Don’t settle for a retailer that doesn’t.

It’s Not Just the Nuts. It’s the Experience.

We love nuts. We love every kind of nut. But for us as nut retailers, it’s not just about the nuts. It’s about the experience. Whether you order from us online or step into one of our physical nut stores, we’re committed to providing you with the best nutty experience of your life.

At our physical stores, for instance, you’ll always find a friendly atmosphere. After all, nobody likes a bunch of crabby nuts. Well, unless you do, in which case we have those too. We also like to bring our sense of humor into our work. You can’t run a nut store if you don’t have a sense of humor, right? At least, you can’t run a good nut store without a sense of humor.

What are You Waiting For? Try My Nuts!

Of course, you’ll never know if a nut retailer is a good one unless you try it for yourself. Whatever you’re craving now, take a look at what we have to offer and find your perfect snack.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to Try My Nuts?

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