How to Eat Spicy Nuts

How to Eat Spicy Nuts

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of boring snacks. Yeah, we’re sick of them, too. Our remedy? Spicy nuts, of course. The best nut is a spicy nut, if you ask us. They can perk up a party, they make great nut gifts, and honestly, it’s just fun to talk about spicy nuts. But what happens when it’s time to cool back down? That’s a great question. Let’s talk spicy nut strategy, shall we?

Pace Yourself

For the love of all that is spicy, pace yourself. There’s no shame in figuring out how much you can handle. Start with some mildly spicy peanuts and work your way up from there. And if you’re ready to try one of the world’s hottest nuts? Trust us, you’ll want to start with one. Don’t put a whole handful of those nuts in your mouth. It’s just not worth it.

Drink Milk

Yes, milk. Not water. With hot nuts, sometimes water can make the heat even worse. Drink milk instead. It’ll take the heat away. It’s something about the protein. We don’t know. But we do know that it works, because we’ve tried it in our moments of spiciest desperation. So pour a glass of milk before you start eating hot nuts. Trust us. You’ll thank us later.

Eat Chocolate

Hey, here’s a fun one! Counteract your hot nuts with some sweet nuts! Chocolate-covered nuts can save you from spicy hell. Maybe it’s because some chocolate has milk in it? Or it might be the sugar. We weren’t paying attention because we were too busy catching our breath after eating those wasabi peanuts. Did you overestimate your ability to handle the hottest f’n nuts? Then you need some chocolate nuts right away! Or just chocolate, but, you know, we like the nuts.

Have Some Bread

Next up in our spicy nuts survival guide: bread. Nice, harmless bread. Keep bread on the table when you start passing around the nut gifts. It’ll soak up the spice when the nuts get too hot for you to handle. And you thought bread was only good for taunting your low-carb relatives.

Spicy Nuts

Now that you know how to prepare, are you ready for some spicy nuts? Looking for the right nut gifts for your loved ones? Check out all of your spicy options today. Are you up for the challenge? Excellent. Then stay spicy, friends.

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