If You Need Unique Gifts, Try My Nut Buckets

If You Need Unique Gifts, Try My Nut Buckets

So you have that one friend who always answers “nothing” when you ask what they want for their birthday. And you already did that “bag full of nothing” gag gift last year, so you’re back to square one. What do you get for the friend who’s hard to shop for? If you’re in the market for unique gifts, there’s always the nut bucket.

What’s a Nut Bucket?

What’s a nut bucket, you ask? To the uninitiated, it’s a delightful insult to use on the playground, but for people who need unique gifts, it’s a fun present that can put a smile on almost anybody’s face. A nut bucket is, quite simply, a bucket of nuts. But wait, there’s more! Our nut buckets come with designs suitable for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. The buckets come filled with peanuts in the shell. You can choose from salted, unsalted, or Cajun nuts. Once your recipient finishes the nuts, the bucket can become a planter, an arts and crafts storage space, or any other use that your friend can think of.

In the Mood for Chocolate?

What if your friend would rather have a sweet snack than a salty snack? Then our White Trash has got you covered. This mix of crispy and crunchy snacks are great for the sweet route when you need some unique gifts. They’re covered in a delicious layer of white chocolate. If you want even more chocolate, then go for our Dirty White Trash, which also comes drizzled with milk chocolate. You can get either option in a burlap trash bucket. They also come in trash cans in a variety of sizes and colors.

Unique Gifts

Unique gifts rarely get more unique than a good old nut bucket. If you’re tired of waiting until the last minute before giving up and settling on a gift card, then nut buckets are the way to go. Really, what are the chances that someone else at the party is going to bring a nut bucket? When you give nut buckets as a gift, you’ll know that your gift will be memorable as well as delicious.

What Are You Waiting For? Try My Nuts!

Ready to order your unique gifts? Well, you’re in luck. Try My Nuts is ready to help. Check out some of our delicious nut buckets and pick the one that works for you!

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