In Appreciation of Cashews: The Versatile Nuts

In Appreciation of Cashews: The Versatile Nuts

Don’t you just love cashews? Truly, these little bits of nutty goodness are a gift to the world. Seriously, have you ever stopped to think about just how fantastic cashews really are? Don’t tell us that you’ve never sat in your office making a list of all of the reasons why cashews are amazing. No? It’s just us? Well, fine. Since we did make that list, go ahead and enjoy the fruits of our labor. You’re welcome.

They Can Be Salty

But really, we can all be a little salty now and then, right? The difference is that when we get salty, we’re just difficult to be around. When cashews get salty, they’re delicious. The beautiful thing about cashews is that they’re tasty on their own, with a mildly sweet flavor. They can take on almost any flavor you want to throw their way, and sometimes it’s best to keep it simple with some salt.

They Can Be Sweet

Not feeling salty? Would you prefer sweetness instead? Then go ahead and reach for a handful of cashews. Honey roasted or covered in chocolate, these nuts can bring on the sweet.

They Can Be Spicy

Variety is the spice of life, and sriracha is the spice of cashews. You don’t even have to stop at spicy, either. Why not have a spicy and sweet combo that will blow your tastebuds’ minds? We recommend the honey roasted chipotle cashews for those who want to go on a cashew-fueled adventure.

They Know How to Party

Cashews aren’t picky. They’ll party with anybody. They’ll hang out with peanuts just as easily as they’ll hang out with almonds. Hey, even sunflower seeds can be invited to a cashew party because cashews taste good with almost anything. They’ll show up to your party, too. Add cashews to your party snacks, and they’ll be right at home.

They Bring It Home for the Holidays

Looking for holiday gifts this year? Cashews make a great addition to gift boxes, gift bags, and gift tins. Basically, if there’s a gift-related container out there, you can fill it with cashews. This year, give the gift of tasty antioxidants.


Have we mentioned how much we love cashews? Are you craving some cashews of your own? Well, what are you waiting for? If you want to get your hands on some of these nuts, visit our cashew page to start ordering your snacks. We have all the variety you could possibly need.

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