Introducing Dirty White Trash

Introducing Dirty White Trash

Listen, we all love white trash, right? It’s not exactly a secret, so we might as well say it. If you’re looking for something fun and delicious, there’s nothing better than grabbing a handful of white trash. Or is there? Now, the same people who brought you white trash are proud to introduce dirty white trash, the trash that brings a little something extra. 


Dirty White Trash 

White trash is a classic, and we definitely love a classic. Why else would we sell nuts for a living? It’s certainly not because we find the puns delightful. Anyway, the point is that we love white trash. Its crisp cereals, pretzels, and pecans are coated in confectioner’s sugar for that perfect blend of salty and sweet. Dirty white trash does that extra thing that white trash won’t do. You know the thing we’re talking about. It’s milk chocolate, of course. Dirty white trash is just like regular white trash with a drizzle of chocolate for that extra sweetness you crave. 


Comes in Its Own Trash Bag 

We’re not fancy over here. We sell nuts, after all. We don’t try to be something that we’re not, and neither does dirty white trash. It’s why we get along so well. Of course, dirty white trash can look fancy if you put it in a shiny tin, but you can also just get a bag of dirty white trash for the road. Nothing’s stopping you. Once you roll up to a party with dirty white trash, nobody’s going to expect anything fancy, anyway. 


Bring Your Dirty White Trash 

Speaking of parties, there are lots of places where you can bring your sweet and salty companion. Dirty white trash loves to party, but you can also keep your trash at home. If you really want to catch some attention, why not send your kid to school with some dirty white trash? Or you can keep the trash all to yourself. It’s up to you. And hey, since Valentine’s Day is on its way, dirty white trash would love to be your Valentine. Unlike certain people, it won’t let you down. 


Get Your Own 

Ready for the taste of dirty white trash? You can get your own through Try My Nuts today. There’s nothing wrong with loving white trash. In fact, we think it’s a sign of superior taste. Plus, at least you know what you want and don’t try to hide it. Take a look at Try My Nuts and get to know some trash.

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