Make Yer Tongue Slap Yer Cheeks

Make Yer Tongue Slap Yer Cheeks

 If you’ve ever dined in New Orleans, you are no stranger to heat, weather-related or food-related. There’s no doubt about it: New Orleans loves its fiery spices. But guess what? You don’t have to live in The Big Easy to enjoy the spicier things in life.


All you need to do is Try My Nuts!


From chili to homemade Creole, hot sauce is everywhere these days. Even though entrepreneurs grow peppers, bottle their creations, and sell at craft fairs, the good news is that you don’t have to. With a click, you can set yourself on fire with Try My Nuts sauces, guaranteed to send you running, hollering for mercy into the wind or the ice water, whichever comes first.


Try My Nuts has a variety of lip-smacking sauces suited to every taste, perfect for your table or anyone who needs a jolt.


Believe it or not, some folks don’t know what to do with hot sauces other than to add them to traditional fare. But now that we’ve got our screaming mouths open, allow us to introduce you to some non-traditional uses.

Barbeque Sauces

We all know the barbecue sauce slathered on the chicken and slapped on the grill. But did you know it’s great on pizza? Here’s an idea:


Instead of pizza sauce, spread some of our Bone Suckin’ Sauce on your pizza dough, covered with sharp cheddar cheese and sliced smoky links (or pork sausage crumbles). Pair with scrambled eggs, and voila! Breakfast on the veranda! 


Are you welcoming new neighbors? Instead of cookies (which everyone else will bring), show up on their doorstep with a basket. Include some coffee and Bone Suckin’ Sauce. Tuck in a recipe, and you’re all set.

Hot Sauces

Dare we mention the hotties? Then brace yourself – have we got some hot stuff for you. You can forget about smoke getting in your eyes – because it’ll be coming out of your ears!


Bring home the hot sauce… bacon, that is. Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t love bacon? Just think, when you send a bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce for the holidays, you might get a note thanking you for saving their bacon. And how do you put this one to good use? You could guzzle it straight out of the bottle, but we wouldn’t suggest it. Try this instead:


Add a little kick to your brunch: Baste bacon slices (a little goes a long way), and pop into the oven on slow heat. Let it caramelize, and OOOO-WEEE! Add roasted bacon slices to your egg sandwich, and stand back. Bacon’s in the house, honey!


Not hot enough for you? Then what you need is One Million Scoville Pepper Extract. But be warned: a tiny drop will do you. Think Buffalo Wings extreme. Use any recipe you like for your wings. For the intense heat addict, this is the one. At 1,000,000 SVU, look no further for run-for-your-life, flaming beer-chasing, party-loving sauce. 


For more of a mustard base, you’ll want to try Ghost Island Karma Sauce. Again, you can use this sauce to spice up your wings – but think outside the bottle here, because your burgers never had it so good. Add onion, tomato, and you’re good to go. 


However, if grilled chicken is your thing, you’ll love Ghost Island’s mix of pineapple and mango. Oops, did we forget to mention potato salad? Baked beans? Your favorite will be reborn, and so will your neighborhood block party.


The only problem with our salsa is knowing when to quit – it’s as simple as that. For a taste sensation like no other, our Blue Crab Salsa is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Use it wherever you use salsa to transport yourself to the Chesapeake Bay. Stuck in the sticks? Who cares! Your snack is out of this world. Use your oven or air fryer for this treat that has yum written all over it:


Pull-apart Salsa Chips: In a single layer, spread your favorite tortilla chips on a sheet pan or in your air fryer. Add shredded (or small) chunks of pepper-jack cheese. Toast until golden (or to your liking). Serve with a bowl of Blue Crab Salsa, and let the party begin. Heads up, though, you’ll have to put in another batch – one will not be enough.


Guaranteed to have your recipient buttering you up for more, it’s the perfect token for that office party when you have to bring a present but you’re out of ideas. Look no further. Try My Nuts is your go-to offering, whether it’s in person or the mail. We’ve got it figured out for you; the only thing you need to do is figure out what to send. 


Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you make some great selections. Bon appetit, your gift is complete!



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