Need a Party Snack? Try My Nuts.

Need a Party Snack? Try My Nuts.

So you’re going to host a party. What’s the most important part of that party? The theme? The guests? Nope. It’s the snacks. It’s always the snacks. Snacks can turn a bad party into a good one. Plus, even the most introverted of introverts will agree to show up if you promise them a good snack table. Now, what are you going to feed your guests? Well, you could always tell them to Try My Nuts.

The Salty

If you’re going to take the classic route, you’ll want to start with the salty. Personally, we recommend some mixed nuts for your salty party snacks. The Crunchy Delight is always a big party favorite, or go for the Deluxe Mixed Nuts if you’re feeling fancy. If you want to mix it up even more than mixed nuts can mix it up, throw some other fun food into the mix. Our Crack Stix are always a crowd pleaser. They’re simple, tasty, and ready to party. Just like us.

The Sweet

Next, make sure that you don’t leave out the sweet snacks. There’s nothing worse than an unbalanced salty to sweet ratio. Now, you’ve got a whole lot of options that will help you sweeten up your party. After a good salty nut, people are going to start craving some chocolate, so why not take a look at that option for your sweet party snacks? You want dark chocolate? Milk chocolate? Whatever you want, we’ve totally got you covered.
However, it’s important not to limit yourself when it comes to the sweet snacks. Chocolate is important, but don’t get yourself stuck in a chocolate rut. (Trust us. We’ve been there.) Don’t worry though, because you can bet your sweet nuts that we have all the options you could possibly need. Peanut brittle is always a great choice. Honey roasted cashews are also excellent.

The Spicy

Everyone expects the sweet and salty mix, but now it’s time to spice it up a little. Are you ready to jumpstart your party? Do it with some hot nuts. We love a good firecracker mix, or maybe you’d like to try the sweet and spicy cajun mix. Feel free to get creative, because spicy nuts are the best way to get a conversation started. Don’t believe us? Try asking one of your party guest to “try my nuts on fire.” Go on, do it. We dare you.

Party Snacks

Listen, we know snacks, and we know how to party. So next time you’re hosting a social gathering, let us help you provide the party food. There’s no preparation involved, and our snacks are delicious. Go ahead and check out our products today. You’re sure to find exactly what you need.

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