Need More Heat? Now You Can Grow Your Own Peppers

Need More Heat? Now You Can Grow Your Own Peppers

Are you a heat enthusiast? A culinary master? Just want to try something different? Then that’s where a “Grow Your Own Peppers” kit comes in. 


We like to bring the heat here at Try My Nuts. Not only do we offer an entire range of hot nuts, we also have hot sauces and challenges for those who just can’t get enough heat in their lives. Sometimes, though, you want to keep the heat coming all year round. Sound familiar? Then why wait for someone else to bring it? It’s time to grow your own peppers. Now, you can have some extra spice any time you want it. 

Why Grow Your Own Peppers? 

Why should you grow your own peppers? These days, “because I want to” is a good enough reason for a lot of things. Still, if you’re on the fence about growing peppers for fun, or if you need to justify yet another weird quarantine purchase, we’ve got you. 

All Year Spice 

Like we said, you plant a pepper pod, and you have peppers any time you want them, all year long. Hey, we’d be happy to send you spicy nuts and other hot snacks whenever you want them, but if you’re really craving some spice, you don’t always want to wait for shipping. Why not be able to reach for your own home-grown peppers whenever you want? 

It’s Good For You 

We don’t just mean that peppers have a lot of nutrients, although they do. Sure, the peppers themselves are good for you, but even the act of growing your own peppers can help you stay healthy during this bizarre time in history. And at this point, we all need all the help we can get. Tending to a plant can boost your mental well-being. It can increase happiness, concentration, and energy. It’ll certainly do more for you than scrolling through social media to see whatever comes after murder hornets in Apocalypse Bingo. 

It’s Easy 

You don’t have to start from scratch when you grow your own peppers, at least not with a kit. Try My Nuts has pepper growing kits that come with pre-planted seeds in a special mineral soil. These kits are beginner-friendly, so you don’t have to be a gardening expert to get started. 

Spice Up That Homeschool Life 


If you’re doing remote learning this year, or if you just need more options to keep the kids entertained, then why not help the kids grow their own peppers? It’s a simple enough project to do with young children, and it makes a great science lesson. That said, use caution when you add those peppers to any food that your kids might sample, and definitely don’t let them bite directly into the peppers. 

Give Unique Gifts 

Maybe you’re thinking of getting a pepper-growing kit for someone else, and in that case, go for it. These kits make unique gifts, and just like our Nut of the Month clubs, they’re a gift that keeps giving. Since pepper plants can keep growing all year, your friend can keep using their gift over and over again. 

Grow Your Own Peppers 

Now, growing your own peppers starts with having the right supplies. Usually, this would mean finding the right soil, planters and other tools, or you can just get a “grow your own peppers” kit. The latter is much easier. 

Chocolate Habanero Pepper Plant Growing Kit 

One option is the Chocolate Habanero Pepper Plant Growing Kit. The chocolate habanero is named for the rich brown color it reaches when it’s ripe. It has some sweetness along with its spice. However, it’s also much hotter than a regular habanero pepper, so a little goes a long way. 

Grow Your Own Peppers 5 Pack 

There’s the Grow Your Own Peppers 5 Pack, which includes the chocolate habanero pepper kit. It also has seeds for ghost chili peppers, scorpion peppers, Carolina reaper peppers, and moruga scorpion peppers. 

How To Grow Your Own Peppers 

Ready to get started? It’s simple. Once you have your planting kit, follow the kit instructions for setup. Once you’ve set up and watered your plant for the first time, make sure that you keep it in a well-ventilated spot that has plenty of light. Otherwise, your plant may wilt. Avoid over-watering your plant, too. Only re-water it when the surface soil gets dry. 

Not Ready To Grow Your Own? 

What if you’re not ready to grow your own peppers, but you still want some more spice in your life? Don’t worry. We’ve got what you need. Whether or not you want to grow your own peppers, here are some extra foods and snacks that can help you kick the heat up a notch. You can also browse some of these spicy snacks to tide you over while you wait for your peppers to grow. 

Try My Hot Nuts 

We have all sorts of nuts for you to try here at Try My Nuts. And that includes hot nuts. From our Jalapeno Cheddar Peanuts to our Honey Roasted Chipotle Cashews, we have hot nuts for every taste. 

Up For A Challenge? 

Feeling competitive? Ready to prove who the real Spice Champion is once and for all? Then it’s time for a challenge. 


We’ve already mentioned the Tube of Terror Challenge, the Toe of Satan Challenge, and a few others on this blog, but here’s a new one: the Peanut Brutal Challenge. It’s a series of increasingly spicy peanut brittle bars that combines sweet and hot in a way you’ve never experienced before. Can you endure the heat and last longer than the other members of your household? It’s time to find out. 

Get Your Peppers Now 

Now, if you are ready to grow your own peppers, go ahead and order yours now. Whether you choose the single-plant growing kit or the 5-pack, you’ll add some spice to your life that you grew yourself. Your quarantine meals will never be the same. 


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