New Releases at Try My Nuts

New Releases at Try My Nuts

We all like to try something new, right? And what about when your favorites are back in stock after being out of commission for a while? Well, we have good news. We have lots of new releases at Try My Nuts. Some are brand-new, and some are old favorites back from hiatus. Ready? Cool. Then let’s see what’s new.

I Like Big Nuts and I Cannot Lie

Do you like big nuts as much as we do? What’s not to love, right? Big nuts give you bigger flavor, a bigger texture experience, and an overall great snack. That’s not to say that we discriminate against small nuts, of course. We love nuts of all sizes. Sometimes, though, you just want to put some big nuts in your mouth.

Enter XL Virginia salted peanuts from Try My Nuts. These are some pretty big nuts. They bring lots of flavor with each nut, and they come with the traditional salty nut taste. Plus, the XL Virginia salted peanuts come in 40 oz containers, so you can eat all the nuts your heart desires.

Butt Munch and Butta Toasted

Up next are Butt Munch and Butta Toasted peanuts. Why yes, we did feel conflicted over where to put the MC Hammer reference in this post. Thank you for asking.

Let’s look at Butt Munch first, which is back by popular demand. But what exactly is Butt Munch, aside from something you used to call your brother when you were twelve? Butt Munch is a BBQ seasoned peanut with a blend of onions, garlic, paprika, and all kinds of other deliciousness. We figured that if BBQ seasoning was good on butts, then why shouldn’t we put it on our nuts? And our customers at Try My Nuts agree. Butt Munch is our #1 best-selling peanut.

And then there are Butta Toasted peanuts, which are also back by popular demand. These peanuts are toasted in sweet, sweet butta. You can pretend that you’re from Brooklyn when you offer some to your friends. More importantly, Butta Toasted peanuts are tasty. They’re sweet but not too sweet, so if you don’t want something salty but don’t want to go as far as chocolate, then Butta Toasted nuts have what you need.

Dee’s Nuts are Back

Hey, you want to try some of Dee’s Nuts? Dee’s Nuts are also back by popular demand. They’re the perfect choice for those who like their nuts to come in unexpected flavors.

Dee’s Nuts come in a stacked 4-pack of nut tins. First, there’s the southern BBQ flavor, which is the most traditional of the four flavors. It’s sweet and savory and everything you’d want a good southern BBQ to be. Then there’s the dill pickle flavor, which is where things start to get a little weird. Have you ever had dill pickle-flavored chips? Well, try dill pickle nuts. They’re even better. Then there’s the sriracha and ranch flavor for when you want to kick the weirdness up a notch. It’s a blend of spicy and cool, so you can feel the burn and cool it off at the same time. Finally, you can finish your experience with dessert: banana pudding peanuts.

You Like a Little Pain?

Are you the type of person who enjoys a little pain? In fact, do you think that pain is good? Hey, the Try My Nuts crew isn’t here to judge. We’re just here to offer you some snacks.

For one thing, there are these peanuts that are literally called “Pain is Good” because sometimes it’s okay to get straight to the point. These delicious Virginia peanuts are coated in ghost pepper seasoning. Heed our warning, though: these nuts are only for those who are serious about spice. If your definition of “spicy” is making a grilled cheese sandwich with mayonnaise instead of butter, you may want to skip this one. However, if you regularly eat spicy foods just to feel something, then these are the nuts for you.

And if most of the foods in your life are too bland, then we can fix that with Cherry Bomb hot sauce. This sauce is one of the most award-winning hot sauces in the world. It combines the flavor of habanero chiles with sour cherries. Use it to give your favorite foods a little kick.

Something Sweet and Something Simple

Okay, we’ve covered BBQ nuts, spicy nuts, and even banana pudding-flavored nuts. But not all of our new release at Try My Nuts are that extreme. Some of our new releases are simple and classic, like the Virginia Diner salted peanuts. These nuts are large, salted peanuts that will have you feeling like you’re in an old-fashioned diner.

Next, there’s cashew brittle. It’s sweet, crunchy, and perfect for either a snack or an after-dinner treat.

Try the Cups at Dry My Nuts

Okay, now it’s time to switch gears, because some of our new releases at Try My Nuts aren’t snacks. They’re drinking cups, which aren’t even edible at all unless you’re really, really ambitious. 

One option is a commuter tumbler, in case you were feeling optimistic about one day leaving the house again. You can take your coffee on the go and show off your love for nuts at the same time. You can even put some Try My Nuts coffee into your Try My Nuts tumbler.

Now, if the tumbler is for your daytime beverages, then the pint glass is for the evenings. Fill up your pint glass with beer, soda, or juice, and take your love for nuts all the way to the end of the day.

Always Something New at Try My Nuts

At Try My Nuts, there’s always something new and exciting to try. But whether you prefer new things or just want to stick to the classics, we’ve always got you covered. Ready to get your snack experience started? Then go ahead and Try My Nuts.

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