Not Your Mama’s Snack Attack

Not Your Mama’s Snack Attack



Where do you put those gifts you don’t want? Come on, admit it – you’ve got a regifting closet or shelf stuffed with vases, shower and bath sets, loofahs, spoon holders, and scarves and hats you don’t like. And just like anything else that misbehaves, gifts do too – that’s why we put them in time out until we can figure out what to do with them. 


Consider the ugly sweaters you’ll wear – over your dead body. We all have well-intentioned loved ones and office workers who wouldn’t leave us out for the world come holiday time. The problem is, how well do they know us? How could they possibly pick out something special?


And for that matter, how can we pick out something for someone we hardly know? We can’t – that’s the problem… which brings us to the solution.


Let’s face it: not everyone shares our tastes and vice versa. What to do? Send food! Comfort food! Snacks. 


Ah, but what kind of snacks?


We’re talking Try My Nuts, of course. We take the fear out of gift-giving every single time; that’s why our customers keep coming back.


There’s nothing more fun than receiving an unexpected package in the mail, in a decorative tin. We put ourselves in your shoes and the recipient’s shoes and ask, “What would this person enjoy?” And we also ask, “How do I want that person to feel about me? Do I want them to realize my gift is a standout and not just a ‘panic buy’?”


At Try My Nuts, we’re crazy about our nuts, and we are all about snacks. People love snack gifts. First, it’s something they can share. Say you have friends stop by unexpectedly, and you haven’t been to the store. 


Oh, that’s ok; you just remembered; you’ve got a Unique Gift Basket sitting on your counter that you’ve been saving for a snack emergency. 


Your gifter knows enough about you to know you could use something delicious hanging around the house and, to your good fortune, knows the value of snacks. 


Think about how happy you were to find that basket you put back for a rainy day. That’s how happy your gift recipient will be to get your package from Try My Nuts. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or retirement, there’s every reason to go nuts. Let’s go shopping!


Make a list of people you usually send gifts to, and don’t forget to include co-workers and people who have done nice things for you. 


Here are some suggestions sure to please your recipients, whether you know them well or not.

Gifts for Candy Lovers

Who’s the candy lover on your list? You can go to the drug store for the millionth time, shove it in an envelope, and mark it off your list. Or you can do something truly unique: send something your recipient can’t find in a superstore. 


Not all candies are created equal. It’s essential to make the right choice. If you’re sending a package to the boss, you might try the Toe of Satan Challenge. For adults only, this is the one that will have smoke blowing out both ears. It’s a lollipop – it’s a death pop – it’s a testament on a stick. Then again, your boss knows where you live – better send this gift to someone else.

Gifts for Spice Lovers

Who’s the candy lover on your list? How about spice? Some people can’t get enough heat. Lil’ Nitro Gummy Bears are for them. You’re going to want to be careful with this gift, though; it’s got more heat than a jalapeno pepper.

Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Shall we discuss chocolate and its gift to humanity? You could try to find something more delectable than our Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties, but you won’t find it. As far as we are concerned, the combo of caramel, pecan, and chocolate is a reason to live, and we can prove it. 

So forget about the Butt Munch Peanuts; that’s not for your Mama’s Snack Attack. Not that she wouldn’t enjoy them, but it’s your mama; need we say more? A little decorum, you know? 

Don’t Forget Your Mama! You’re not going to show up for Christmas dinner empty-handed, are you? Well, you could, but we wouldn’t suggest it; otherwise, she might think she’s raised you all wrong. Try My Nuts has something to wow her, too. 


For one, there’s the Dark Chocolate Vanilla Caramels with Sea Salt. You order this for your mama, and you’re treating her right. Melt-in-your-mouth decadence, so good you’ll have to remove it surgically from her hands. Dark Chocolate Vanilla Caramels with Sea Salt – it’s the one that says, “I love you.”


With so many choices, isn’t it about time you stopped stressing? Try My Nuts is food gifting made easy. We do the hard work so you can get on with the business of celebrating. 




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