Carolina Reaper Pepper Plant Growing Kit

Carolina Reaper Pepper Plant Growing Kit


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Our easy and convenient hot peppers in a can will always be a big hit for the hot pepper lover and can be grown all year around!
Pick from our assortment of different Magic Plant Hot Peppers that will add zest, a dash of color, and a sense of magical flavor to any culinary delight you choose.
Each Magic Plant Hot Pepper container includes seeds, which are pre-planted in a special mineral soil.
"Give a gift they'll remember, a Magic Plant Hot Pepper!"
Directions to get started with all Magic Plant Hot Pepper products:
  • Remove clear plastic cap on bottom of can and view the insert. Do Not discard.
  • CAREFULLY open the drainage tab on BOTTOM of can.
  • CAREFULLY open and remove the tab and lid on TOP of can.
  • Add water until excess water drains from bottom. Replace plastic cap on bottom of can.
Important Care Information for all Magic Plant Hot Pepper products:
  • Lack of light and ventilation may cause plant to wilt or grow poorly.
  • Over-watering may cause rotting.
  • Water ONLY when surface soil is dry.
  • Ensure adequate light.
Grow your own super hot Carolina Reaper Pepper plant. The Carolina Reaper Pepper is rated as the world's hottest pepper by Guinness World Records. Even though it's the world's hottest pepper, amazingly it also has good flavor. That is, if you can get past the heat.

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