Carolina Reaper Pepper Powder

Carolina Reaper Pepper Powder


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Carolina Reaper Chili Powder 2 oz - (1 pouch) - so many companies make wildly false Scoville claims - we provide 100% transparency and the data prove our product.
  • Independent 3rd Party certified HPLC lab results show our UC Carolina Reaper Pepper Powder is the hottest - 128.65% hotter than the nearest competitor.
  • A MASSIVE 246,300 Scoville Heat Units hotter than the nearest competitive brand - this difference alone is more than 70 times hotter than a Jalapeno.
  • Yes this the hottest you can buy **BUT** the surprisingly fruity and sweet tropical taste and freshness of our World's Hottest Chili Pepper Powder will absolutely blow you away.
  • The perfect gift for any spicy food or hot sauce lover! Try adding a dash to your favorite seasoning blends, spice up your favorite chili recipe or make tinctures and your very own custom hot sauce recipes.

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