Creamy White Pecans

Creamy White Pecans


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Creamy white pecans are a delightful and indulgent treat that combines the rich, buttery flavor of pecans with a smooth, creamy white coating. These pecans are coated in a sweet mixture, made with white chocolate, sugar, and vanilla, creating a luscious and decadent outer layer. The white coating not only adds a touch of sweetness but also enhances the overall texture, providing a satisfying contrast to the crunchy pecan nuts inside. The creamy white coating envelops each pecan, giving them a glossy and appealing appearance. When you bite into one, you experience a perfect balance of textures – the crispness of the pecan nut blends harmoniously with the smoothness of the creamy coating, creating a heavenly combination that melts in your mouth. Creamy white pecans are a popular choice for various occasions, including holidays, parties, weddings, and gifts. They are often served as a delicious snack, incorporated into desserts, or used as a topping for cakes, cookies, and ice cream. Their sweet and nutty flavor profile makes them a versatile ingredient, adding a touch of elegance and indulgence to any culinary creation. Whether enjoyed on their own or used to elevate your favorite recipes, creamy white pecans are a true delight for anyone with a sweet tooth and a penchant for the rich, buttery taste of pecans.


Sugar, Vegetable oil, nonfat dry milk solids, soy lecithin, natural flavor, salt, pecans, gum arabic, corn syrup and sugar confectioners glaze.

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