Goat Man Hot Sauce

Goat Man Hot Sauce


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Goat Man Hot Sauce - Those who have ventured into the most desolate recesses of Nags Head Woods have reported an unusual yellow shack from which occult chants and faint screams emanate. The shack known to belong to the OBS Goat Man, a creature so vicious few who have met his impish grin have lived to tell the tale. Those who have claimed he attacks his victims with the brutal efficiency of an experienced hunter, leading some to speculate that he is the tormented spirit of a woodsman from centuries past. Which begs the question:  Do you have the nuts to confront the OBS Goat man?


Pineapple, smoked yellow bell pepper, apple cider vinegar, apple, lime juice, agave nectar, water, garlic, gochugaru pepper, salt, cumin, ginger, marjoram, celery seed.

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