Gray Man Hot Sauce

Gray Man Hot Sauce


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Silent and indistinct in appearance, may have speculated the Gray Man is the specter of a pirate who drowned at sea centuries earlier. Curiously, the Gray Man isn't known for attacking or threatening those who witness him.  Nonetheless, his presence is often considered a bad omen, signaling the onset of a hurricane or disaster at sea.  And while it's possible he means no harm, his unsettling appearance might indicate he plays a role in the disasters that unfold around him. In this instance he serves as a warning for the hot sauce you're holding in your hands. Ignore him at your own peril...


Pineapple, Smoked Yellow Bell Pepper, Apple cider Vinegar, Apple, Lime Juice, Agave nectar, Water, Garlic, 7 Pot Primo Pepper, Salt, Cumin, Ginger, Marjoram, Celery Seed.

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