OBX Nuts Honey Roasted Peanuts

OBX Nuts Honey Roasted Peanuts


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This 11 oz. can of Honey Roasted peanuts is perfect for the real OBX Nuts out there. The beautiful label is almost like a postcard with the horses in Corolla roaming the beaches. Did you know? As a consequence of Corolla's development in the 1980's, horses around Corolla came into contact with humans more frequently? By 1989, eleven horses had been killed by cars on the newly constructed Highway 12. That same year, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, a nonprofit organization, was created to protect the horses from human interference. To learn more or to donate to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, you can visit: www.corollawildhorses.com.  


Peanuts, Sugar, Honey, Corn Syrup, Salt.

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