Reward Yourself With a Nut Monthly Subscription

Reward Yourself With a Nut Monthly Subscription


Self-care looks different for everyone. Now, there are the things that everyone should do, like getting a good night’s sleep and taking medication on time. And then there are the things that people do to relax and unwind. For some, that means taking a bubble bath once a week. For others, it’s making time to read a good novel. And for some people — the people we like to call “our kind of people” — it’s ordering a nut monthly subscription.

So, you may be looking at your nut monthly subscription options and thinking, “Do I deserve this?” And the answer, friend, is yes.

Why You Deserve a Nut Monthly Subscription

So, why do you deserve a nut monthly subscription? Why do you deserve to have a brand-new box of nuts show up at your front door every month? Well, to be fair, we all deserve monthly nuts after everything humanity is going through, but if you’re looking for some specific reasons, we’ve got you. Here are some perfectly good excuses (we mean “reasons”) to buy yourself some monthly nuts.

You Helped the Kid With Online Schooling

Few things in life are both more comical and more terrifying than a virtual P.E. class for third-graders. “Let’s do some jumping jacks!” says the P.E. teacher. Crash! goes what used to be a perfectly good bedside lamp.

Look, if you helped your kid at all with online schooling, then you deserve a reward. If you helped somebody else’s kid with online schooling, then you deserve a reward. If you somehow managed to get literally anything done while listening to an online P.E. class, or worse, an online music class during Recorder Week, then guess what? You deserve a reward. You might as well make that reward a monthly nut subscription.

You Braved the Grocery Store

Remember when you could just get in your car and drive to the grocery store? Those were good times, right? Now, getting ready to go to the store is a lot like getting ready to go on a five-month mission to outer space. It’s not that it takes that much effort to put on a mask; it’s just that we’ve all sort of forgotten what it was like to leave the house, so when we do get to leave the house, it turns into a whole thing. But hey, you did it! And that deserves a nut monthly subscription, right? Definitely.

You Met a Deadline

Hey, did you meet a deadline recently? Literally any deadline? Congratulations, because that’s a lot harder than it used to be. We’ve been in a weird swirling time vortex, and now it’s somehow March again. Or maybe it was always March – if not physically, then at least mentally and spiritually. And when you live in a weird time vortex of perpetual Marches, meeting any kind of deadline is sort of like slogging through molasses. It’s a lot harder now than it was back when March’s arrival was a normal thing. What we’re saying here is that if you met a deadline, you deserve a reward, and that reward might as well be nuts.

You Defined Your Own Victory

Fine, maybe you didn’t meet a deadline, but maybe you did something that felt like a victory to you. Did you buy a houseplant and keep it alive? Did you read something? Bake a loaf of sourdough? Brush your teeth and put on pants? These days, we have to define a lot of our own victories. Whatever your victory looks like right now, you should commemorate it with a nut monthly subscription. Why not? Now is the time to take our victories wherever we can get them.

You Haven’t Seen a Victory in a While

On the other hand, maybe you haven’t experienced a victory in a long time. That’s okay, because life is hard. Sometimes you just need some nuts, and you need those nuts to show up once a month for twelve months.

Nut Monthly Subscriptions When You Need Unique Gifts

Of course, nut monthly subscriptions aren’t just a gift that you can give yourself. They also make great unique gifts for others. We all want to show our gratitude to friends, family members, teachers, and essential workers, but by this point, the usual gifts can get a little stale. You know what won’t get stale? A monthly nut subscription. Well, it won’t get stale as long as those nuts are stored properly, anyway.

The great thing about a monthly nut subscription is that your recipient gets something new each month. Hey, remember when we bought all of those beans? And all of those cans of soup? Last March (Seriously, how is it March again?), we all let out our inner doomsday preppers. Remember how we all felt like that was a good decision?

Some of us are still working our way through those beans and soup cans. Plus, it’s easy to get into a food rut when you just want to make your grocery shopping as quick and painless as possible. Either way, a bit of variety can bring some life back into your snacking.

Get a Nut Monthly Subscription

Ready to reward yourself with a nut monthly subscription? Then take a look at the Nut of the Month Clubs from Try My Nuts. You can choose from our 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month nut clubs. You choose the nuts that you want us to send, and we’ll take care of everything else. Whether you want a gift for yourself or someone else, these Nut of the Month Clubs are a perfect way to add some variety, fun, and tastiness back into your life. Here’s to this March being nuttier — in a good way — than last March.

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