Smell My Nuts This Holiday Season

Smell My Nuts This Holiday Season

Can candles make unique gifts? That depends on the candle. If you got it at the grocery store as an afterthought, then no. If it’s named something like “Lavender in the Field,” also no. 


But if it’s a Smell My Nuts candle? You bet that’s unique. There’s no more unique gift than a candle that’s also an invitation to Smell My Nuts. 

Besides, not all candles are created equal. Some candles are just better than others. Like this one. 

It’s a candle, it’s in a Mason jar, and it comes in pumpkin spice, so it’s basically hitting every corner of the Pinterest board that you started in 2013. 

The truth is that candles – especially candles from Try My Nuts – can make great unique gifts. 

Bring Home Some Extra Cheer 



Not everyone is feeling so holly jolly this year, but sometimes, it’s the simple things that can have the most cheering impact. Creating a feeling of coziness can chase away the blues. That’s where the concept of “hygge” comes in. “Hygge” is a Danish word that doesn’t quite have an English translation, but it essentially means creating a cozy, contented feeling. 

Were the Danish imagining a candle called “Smell My Nuts” when they created the concept? Probably not, but if it works, it works. 

And of course, the right candles can bring some Christmas-themed cheer, too. The Cranberry Orange Spice candle can remind your recipient of Christmas treats. And if you can’t have a real tree in the house, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing that fresh Balsam Pine scent. The candle may last longer than a real tree, anyway, and you don’t even have to water it. In fact, we’d generally advise against watering your candle, since it defeats the candle’s purpose. 

A Glow for Dark Winter Nights 

Remember when darkness didn’t show up until nighttime? That was nice, right? Now the night is long, 4pm is dark, and your kids are waking up at 5 in the morning because they’re up with the sun no matter what the clock says. The magic of the season. 

Anyway, daylight is short, and not everyone is okay with that. You need unique gifts, and plenty of people need more light in their lives these days, so why not give them the literal gift of light? 

Not all light needs to be electric. In case the power goes out – because darkness is one of the f
ew plagues that we haven’t been through yet this year – candles are a good light source to have around. 

Round Out Your Gift Basket 

Gift baskets can be a great project for those who like to create unique gifts. Of course, we’re always happy to put a gift basket together for you, but what if you want to put yours together yourself? 

In that case, you’ll want all of the right elements. There’s an art to making a good gift basket. You want the items to be similar, but you still want enough variety to keep things interesting. A candle is often the perfect thing to tie everything together. 

Have a gift basket full of nuts? Then obviously, the Smell My Nuts candle is perfect. A Christmas-themed basket? You’ve got lots of options to choose from. Giving the gift of a beach trip as soon as the world looks normal again? Then say it with a beach-scented candle. 

How to Give Candles as Unique Gifts 

Candles make great unique gifts, but only if you give the right ones. Here’s how you can make sure you give the right candles for the holidays. 

Make It Last 

Candles, like snacks, don’t last forever. But also like snacks, people love candles. So when you give candles as gifts, make sure that they’re long-lasting candles. This way, your recipients can enjoy their gift for weeks – or even months – to come. Some candles can even last for more than a year, depending on how often they’re lit. 

The candles at Try My Nuts can burn for up to 100 hours. For people who love candles, these particular candles are gifts that keep giving over and over again. 

Speaking of making gifts last, Try My Nuts candles come in reusable lidded jars. You can use them to store food items or use them as drinking glasses. Either way, you can use them long after the candles have gone. We recommend washing out all of the candle wax before you start drinking lemonade out of the jar. 

Choose the Right Scent 

Next, you’ll have to choose the right scent. How do you do that? Go with what you know about the recipient. If they like to fill their homes with the smell of baking bread, then a banana bread candle may be perfect. If they love the smell of the forest, then a pine scent will work nicely. If they love all things fall and winter, then there’s always pumpkin spice, cranberry orange spice, and cinnamon. 

But what if you don’t know? What if you’re looking for unique gifts for clients and coworkers instead of close friends and family members? In this case, your best bet is a lighter scent. Pine still works in this case, and so does a beach-scented candle. 

Unique Gifts at Try My Nuts 

Any time you’re looking for unique gifts, there’s no place more unique than Try My Nuts. We have candles, gift baskets, and of course, nuts. Gifts from Try My Nuts are unique, but they’re the kind of gifts that people appreciate. Need to round out your holiday shopping list? Take a look at what Try My Nuts has to offer. Whether it’s a basket full of snacks or a candle called Smell My Nuts, you’ll find something that works for you.


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