So Your Nuts are on Fire. Now What?

So Your Nuts are on Fire. Now What?

So your nuts are on fire. What do you do now? To be fair, we may have warned you that this would happen with a product called Try My Nuts on Fire. We’d be horrible, horrible liars if these nuts didn’t bring the burn. Try My Nuts on Fire is one of our hotter hot nuts. These peanuts are coated in habanero peppers and other spices for the heat that nut lovers crave. 


Well, now that you’ve realized that your nuts are on fire, what are you going to do about it? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Whether or not you’re used to the heat, here’s what you should do. 


What to Do about Hot Nuts 

So you’ve got hot nuts. Hey, it happens. We’ve all been curious at one point or another. When you didn’t expect the heat level, though, there are some things you can do to stop the burn. First of all, you can sweeten your nuts with some sugar. Yes, really. Sweet foods counteract hot nuts. It’s literally science. Another thing that we’ve mentioned a couple of times is using dairy to cool your nuts. Milk, yogurt, and other things like that have proteins that work to neutralize nut burn. Again, science. 


Another thing that you can do is build up your tolerance to hot nuts. Believe it or not, Try My Nuts on Fire are the perfect nuts to help you get started. Those nuts may be on fire, but they’re not nearly as hot as, say, the nuts in the Tube of Terror Challenge. Those nuts are for the hardcore nut fire enthusiasts. You may very well reach that point, but there’s no shame in knowing your limits. Anyway, Try My Nuts on Fire. Eat them one at a time. Savor those nuts and enjoy the heat slowly. 


Enjoy the Burn 

Now, you may enjoy having your Nuts on Fire, and there’s no shame in that, either. Some people are just into that sort of thing. There’s no rhyme or reason. So, why are people into that? It’s all about the endorphins, baby. Hot nuts and other spicy foods trigger pain receptors. Pain receptors tell your body to release endorphins, and endorphins make us happy. That’s right. Having your Nuts on Fire can literally make you happy, and you have a scientific excuse for it. So go forth and enjoy your nuts. 


Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a good nut supplier, you can always Try My Nuts. We’ve got all the hot nuts and cool nuts that your heart desires. 

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