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Blue birds, red birds, yellow birds, black birds of all sizes are popping out of the wintry woodwork. I love this time of year! Sure, it's different all across the country, but even in the most snowy places, there are signs of life getting ready to pop out on tree limbs and from beneath the gradually warming ground beneath us. Animals are coming out of their hiding places too and showing their furry heads and tails in surprising places.

And with the coming of spring comes -- you guessed it -- Spring Break.

Spring Break for students (and parents) is like the year's Hallelujah Hiccup before finishing the school year and heading on to summer jobs and activities. It's a time for taking a breather, for recreation -- that is re-creating yourself and your relationships. It can mean feeling a bit giddy about being alive and looking for adventure with the little bit of freedom the week offers from life's daily demands.

Growing up, my family went every year to the enduring Spring Time Favorite Place To Be: the beach. Generally, we would go in the summer, but as I got older the thing to do was to go for spring break.

Now, I don't want to sound too sentimental, but I have to admit it.

I have fond memories of curling up in the bed at my beachfront hotel room to eat a crunchy snack after a day of sun and fun. It was just plain satisfying then, and it's just plain satisfying to recall it now. Ah, happy memories!

I wonder how many Try My Nuts customers would admit they have happy memories related to food too? Do you have a favorite Try My Nuts snack you really like to munch on after a day out on the beach? Or a memory of a special event in your life that included our products?

We would love to hear about it if you do.

Drop us a line (with or without photos) at [email protected] or on Facebook at Try My Nuts Nut Company.

Enjoy the signs of Spring, 

Nutella Yum

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