The Best Unique Gifts For Your Most Immature Friends

The Best Unique Gifts For Your Most Immature Friends

Need unique gifts? We’ve got you covered. First, though, read the following sentences without giggling. Ready? Go!


  • These are the best nuts you’ll ever put in your mouth. 

  • You should always protect your delicious nuts. 

  • Wow, these nuts smell amazing! 

  • Anyone want some hot nuts? 

  • I prefer my nuts to be salty. 

  • Hungry? Try My Nuts!


Well? How’d you do? If you laughed like a middle schooler, then you’re our kind of person. And if you didn’t laugh like a middle schooler, then you might have something in common with that one elderly man who tried to get a news crew to investigate our store for violating the laws of decency. Yes, that actually happened


Anyway, back to the unique gifts. Think about your recipient. Would that person giggle at the above sentences? If so, then boy does our store have options for you. 

Want Unique Gifts? Then Try My Nuts 

Look, there aren’t a lot of mature ways to give nuts as gifts. If you’re already at a nut store looking for unique gifts, then you’ve got the immature factor built right into your gift-giving adventure. Honestly, with some people, all you have to do is say “Here, I got you some nuts,” and they’ll laugh like a talk show audience member. 


That said, some of our nuts are less mature than others. You can stick with some almonds and call it a day, or you can get any of these unique gifts. 

Try My Nuts On Fire 

What does your recipient think about hot nuts? Do they prefer their nuts to be hot? Some people would rather keep their nuts cool, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with people who would rather have some hot nuts. It takes all kinds, if you ask us. Well, if your recipient prefers hot nuts to cool nuts, then we recommend the Try My Nuts on Fire nuts. The habanero pepper makes this gift perfect for those who like their nuts to come with a burning sensation. Give an individual tin, or add a tin to a nutty gift basket. 

Nut Buckets 

Say “nut buckets” with a straight face. We dare you. It doesn’t matter who you are. You could have a PhD in Being Serious, and you still could not utter the phrase “nut buckets” without grinning. Try it. Nut buckets


Anyway, nut buckets are exactly what they sound like. They’re buckets full of nuts. Ergo, nut buckets. And they make great unique gifts. 


Nut buckets. 


Okay, we’re done now. 

Fighting Cock Nuts 


Regular nuts aren’t immature enough for you? How about some Fighting Cock Nuts? Yeah, that’s right. They’re called Fighting Cock Nuts. Enough said. 

The Nut Of The Month Club 

Maybe your recipient would like a new nut every month. In that case, meet the Nut of the Month Club. There’s not a single person with a 12-year-old’s sense of humor who wouldn’t love to say that they were in the Nut of the Month Club. Don’t limit their joy. Spread those nuts across the whole year, or the next three months. There’s a Nut of the Month Club for everyone, so take your pick. 

The Smell My Nuts Candle 

Just in time for those who need unique gifts for the fall: It’s the Smell My Nuts candle. It’s a sweet and nutty scent that will warm the home and lower the maturity level of anyone who reads the label. If you don’t think your friend will go for Smell My Nuts, you can always give the Hot Buns candle instead. It smells like cinnamon. 

Who Are You Calling Dip Shit? 

So you’ve got a gift basket full of nuts, and you need just a little something extra to make the perfect gift. How about some Dip Shit? We’ve got Dip Shit for fruit and Dip Shit for vegetables, and it’s all tasty. Maybe don’t give it to your boss, but if you have some family members in mind, we’re not going to stop you. 

Coffee With An Extra Kick 

Maybe there’s a college student in your life who’s trying to stay awake during Zoom classes. Maybe your friend needs some extra “work from home” motivation. In that case, maybe Wake Your Ass Up coffee or Wake the F Up coffee will do the trick. Or maybe your recipient needs a Kick in the Hazelnuts to get going in the morning. Whatever floats their boat, we say. Anyway, we have seven varieties of coffee on our site, and not a single one of them has a mature name, so have fun. 

Challenges For The Bored and Immature 

Remember when we mentioned unique gifts for people who like hot nuts? Well, if your friend likes it hot, we’ve got some challenges that they can try. You can’t pretend you’re mature if you’re sucking on the Toe of Satan or eating The Death Nut. Not that we’re judging, because we absolutely tried the Toe of Satan Challenge ourselves. It was an experience, and we regret nothing. Still, anyone who tries these challenges should proceed at their own risk. 

White Trash And Dirty White Trash 

It just wouldn’t be a post about unique gifts here at Try My Nuts if we didn’t mention White Trash and Dirty White Trash. White Trash is a blend of cereals, pretzels, and pecans coated in a white chocolate confection. Dirty White Trash is the same thing with a drizzle of milk chocolate on top. It’s delicious whether or not you like it dirty. 

Unique Gifts At Try My Nuts 

You can always find unique gifts here at Try My Nuts. We have gift baskets, tins, and buckets for every holiday season. We also add new nutty products into the mix all the time, so there’s no shortage of immaturity over here. Anytime you need gifts, we’re here to help. Take a look at some Try My Nuts gift options today. If you have a sense of humor, you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re that old man who sent the news crew our way, well, try not to get your nuts in a twist. 


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