These Are The Hottest Nuts You’ll Ever Put In Your Mouth

These Are The Hottest Nuts You’ll Ever Put In Your Mouth



Do you ever just feel the need to put some hot nuts in your mouth?

You can eat all kinds of nuts. You may be the type who can eat nuts all day, every day. Some like their nuts sweet and some like them salty, but for others, the best thing to eat is delicious hot nuts. Well, if you like some spice with your nuts, then we’ve got what you need here at Try My Nuts. Of course, we support you no matter what kind of nuts you want to put in your mouth; but here, we especially love some spice. 

Hot Nuts Have Spice For Everyone 

In case you haven’t heard, hot nuts are our specialty. We have all kinds of spicy nuts for you to choose from. Whether you like peanuts, cashews, or a nutty mix, we have the spice you’re looking for in several varieties. Plus, we have several levels of spice. You want just a little kick with your nuts? Then the mild version of our Carolina reaper peanuts have what you need. Do you prefer your nuts spicy enough to make your eyes water? Then go for the wild version. Whether you want a bit of heat or you want to feel the burn, we’ve got you covered. 

Heat Things Up This Winter 

Ready for winter? Well, ready or not, it’s on its way. As the temperatures outside cool down, why not add some heat to your nuts? Cooler temperatures create the perfect environment for spicy foods, so warm yourself up from the inside out. 

Flavor With Your Fire 

Of course, spiciness isn’t just about the heat. It’s also about the flavor. Some people are all heat, no flavor. They focus on the burn, but they don’t care how much you enjoy the taste. The nuts at Try My Nuts bring the heat and the flavor. Some of our nuts are so hot that they’ll make your nose run as soon as you put them in your mouth, but even our hottest nuts are delicious, too. 

Anyone who loves spicy foods can tell you that not all spice is the same. Our hot nuts are made with a variety of spices. Some get their heat from habanero, some get it from the Carolina reaper, and some have a combination of spices. 

Then, we’ve got flavors that complement the spiciness of our nuts. Are you a fan of the sweet and spicy combination? Then try our honey roasted nuts with either chipotle or sriracha. Prefer cheesy snacks? What about buffalo or Cajun flavored snacks? We have all of those, too. Take your time exploring your options. Variety is the spice of life, so go nuts. 

Challenge Yourself 

Up for a challenge? Then it’s time to put your nuts where your mouth is. We love a challenge here at Try My Nuts, in case we haven’t made it clear by now. 

Start with the Tube of Terror Challenge. These hot nuts in a tube get progressively spicier until you’re really feeling the heat. Don’t get too cocky after putting the first nut in your mouth. By the second or third nut, you’ll see that the Tube of Terror means business. There’s also the Death Nut Challenge. It doesn’t have many nuts, but once you taste the Death Nut, you won’t question how it got its name. 

For a combination of sweet, spicy, and challenging, go for the Peanut Brutal Challenge. These peanut brittle bars are delicious, but be warned: the first bar is merely a warm up for what’s to come, and what’s to come is a level of heat that you wouldn’t believe. 

Feel A Burn That Lasts 


Okay. Let’s say that you’re a champion of heat. You eat hot nuts for breakfast and wash them down with pepper juice. A temporary burn isn’t going to be enough. You need enough spice to really feel something. In this case, what you need is to Try My Nuts on Fire. Just like the name implies, these nuts are hot, and that heat will burn like a fire with plenty of fuel. The key is in the habanero peppers, which make sure that the burn lasts for a long time. If you’re not amateur, then these are the nuts for you. 

When you are ready to cool things down, eat some chocolate to cool the burn. The Nuts on Fire pair well with chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered pretzels, and White Trash. When things get hot, a beverage isn’t always going to be enough to put out the heat. Chocolate and other sweet snacks will give you the counterbalance you need. 

Nuts Aren’t The Only Hot Things You Can Put In Your Mouth 

We love nuts. We love hot nuts. But we’re no one-trick pony. No sir, we’ve got at least three tricks, only one of which we’re not allowed to do at family gatherings anymore. Anyway. We’ve got hot nuts, but we’ve got plenty of other hot things for you to put in your mouth. 

If you like the nuts but want to add more textures to your snack, there’s always the firecracker nut mix. The Fourth of July may be over, but these firecrackers are here year round. If you’re really feeling brave, try some wasabi peas. Finally, our spicy brittle is also a crowd favorite. You’ve got choices, so live your best spicy life. 

Get Your Hot Nuts At Try My Nuts 

Ready to try some hot nuts for yourself? Then we’ve got the nuts for you. Take a look at all of our hot nuts today. 

Not ready for that much heat right now? No worries. If you’d rather have sweet nuts or salty nuts, or even a sweet and salty mix, we have nuts to fit your tastes, too. Nuts for everyone, we say! Enjoy your snacks, and may you always have the right nuts for your cravings. 


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