This Situation Calls for Nuts

This Situation Calls for Nuts

This situation calls for nuts. “What situation?” you ask. It doesn’t matter. Pick a situation. Any event can be a great time for some nut gifts. Unless the recipient is allergic to nuts (and you should always ask), then nutty gifts make the best gifts. Any time you need to liven up the party, then you can always feel free to Try My Nuts. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at some situations that need more nuts. 



Happy birthday! Now go nuts! What better message is there to send on a loved one’s birthday? You know, the best thing about nut gifts on birthdays is that nuts work for any age group. Turning 24? 50? 78? Try My Nuts! The recipient can share their nuts or hog them all. Either way, you’ll be the birthday hero with the best gift. 



Nuts work for any holiday. Need something to bring to the office Christmas party? Or something to bring to your brother’s house? Nut gifts will get the job done. Everyone loves a good snack on the holidays, and nuts give you just the right amount of variety. Bring sweet nuts, salty nuts, spicy nuts, or any combination that you want. You can even go crazy and throw some chocolate in there, too. The holidays are when you have to hang around all of the nuts in the family anyway, so you might as well have good snacks. 


The One
Who Has Everything 

Are you going nuts because you have to shop for someone who has everything? We hate it when that happens. The good news is that there’s always nuts. No matter what else a person has in their life, everybody loves snacks. Bring the gift of snacks to the person who has everything else. They’ll appreciate your gift, and you can go another year without stressing yourself out over presents. 


Nut Gifts 

Looking for the best nut gifts? Good news! At Try My Nuts, we have all of the best nut gifts all in one place. Whether you build your own gift basket or choose a pre-made option, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need for whatever nutty occasion you have coming up. Take a look at your options today. From samplers to nut buckets and everything in between, Try My Nuts has all of your nutty needs covered.

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