We Have Nutty Gift Baskets

We Have Nutty Gift Baskets

The holidays are here! Are you happy and holly jolly, or are you freaking out because you still have gifts to buy? No worries. Now that December has arrived, you can bring on the ever-appropriate gift basket. Actually, you don’t have to reserve your gift baskets for the holidays. Personally, we love them as corporate gifts and more. In any case, when you need nutty gift baskets, we’ve got the perfect unique gifts to make your holidays awesome. For example…


When You’re Nuts for Someone

Nothing says “unconditional love” like a squirrel surrounded by white trash. Don’t believe us? Just look at that cute little squirrel’s face. Go ahead, we’ll wait. He’s nuts about you! Get it? When you like your gift baskets with a side of dad jokes, nutty gift baskets will provide. Plus, you’ll get a nice mix of sweet and salty nuts, just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Shopping for a Hot Head

Look, we’re not saying that your nut baskets have to send a message or anything. Maybe your uncle just really likes spicy food. We’re not judging. Whatever the reason, when you want to add some spice to your gift baskets, we’ve got you covered. With everything from our Firecracker Mix to our popular Nuts on Fire, this gift basket will make the spice-lover in your life happy.


For the Caffeine Crazy

What do parents, teachers, grad students, and your brother have in common? Sometimes they all need some help to wake the F up. No, really. We’ve actually got something called Wake the F Up coffee, which is awesome enough on its own. Combine it with a mug and some chocolate covered espresso beans, and you’ve got the best gift basket that a sleep-deprived caffeine lover could ask for.


Is Your Brother in the Nut Club?

Again, we’re not saying anything about sending thinly-veiled messages through gift baskets. How you choose to ruin next Thanksgiving is up to you. Whether your relative loves nuts or is nuts, give them the gift that keeps giving. When you sign someone up for the Nut of the Month club, they can taste different nuts for an entire year.


Gift Baskets Galore

Listen, those gift baskets that we mentioned are just the tip of the nutberg. You want gift baskets for chocolate lovers? Gourmet foodies? People who like nuts in crates? We’ve got what you need. So hurry over to our gift baskets page to make your holiday shopping more fun than it’s ever been before.

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